How To Rent a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are highly useful devices that combine both a pump and a motor so that a high-pressure steam of water can be used to clean surfaces. Pressure washers, however, can be expensive. Instead of buying a pressure washer that you will only use every now and then, you can rent the pressure washer. Here’s how.

Pressure. First of all, you will need to determine just how strong and powerful you need the pressure washer to be. For example, there are some pressures washers that have can generate as much as 4000 pounds per square inch. To help you imagine just how strong 4,000 PSI is, the average garden hose will have only up to 40 PSI. Of course, for household purposes, a pressure washer with up to 2,000 PSI will usually suffice. A power washer this strong will be able to handle wall cleaning, deck cleaning, and fence cleaning.

Accessories. Now that you have the pressure washer, make sure that you have the correct accessories to go with the pressure washer. Typically a pressure washer will have extensions and special attachments that will allow you to focus and channel the stream of water on hard to reach areas such as roofs and crevices. The rental company will not necessarily provide you with their entire set of pressure washer accessories, which is why you need to specify how you will use the pressure washer. The rental company will then provide you with the accessories that you need for the particular project involving the pressure washer.

Project size. The size of the project should also be considered. If you are working on cleaning large areas, you need a pressure washer with a GSM rating of 4. GSM stands for gallons per minute, and refers to how much water the pressure washer will emit per minute. The more water it emits, the more area you will be able to cover. Be sure that the project size and the pressure washer GSM rating are compatible. Using a high GSM washer on a small area will be a waste of water, while a low GSM washer on a large area will take you twice as long to finish cleaning the area.

Rental agencies. Once you have determined the specs that you want your pressure washer to have, the next step is to locate the rental agency that will provide you with the pressure washer. There are plenty of agencies that you can look into. Try searching the web, or visit your local hardware shop. There are also associations, such as the Untied Rentals, which all provide pressure washer rentals. Look at the prices and then choose the rental agency that is able to meet your pressure washer criteria at a competitive price.

Finally, make sure that you book the pressure washer. A lot of people depend on rentals to be able to use pressure washer, and it is not impossible to find that a rental agency’s pressure washers have all been rented out. To be sure, make reservations ahead of time so that you can rest assured that the pressure washer will be there when you come to pick it up.


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