How To Report People who are Hacking Emails

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Over the years, the number of email hackers has been increasing. This is risky, especially if you use your email accounts for businesses and private matters. Hacking emails is one of the main targets of hackers. If you find a hacking message in your email, there are several things you can do to report this and prevent it from happening again. Here are some tips on how to report people who are hacking emails:

  • Report to email service. One thing you can do when you find that your email account has been hacked is to report it to your email service. You can go to the official website of the service and get the contact numbers. It is advisable to call rather than just send an email so that you can be accommodated as soon as possible. Report the login hacking that was done to your account and they could make some necessary changes to your account so that you can access it again.
  • Contact the Department of Justice. Another thing you can do to report email hacking IDs is by reporting it to the United States Department of Justice Computer Crime&Intellectual Property Section. The official website for this is Look for the section on how to report a cybercrime.
  • Contact the FBI. If there are important and private files that are in your email account, the hacker may gain access to your other accounts. You can file a complaint with the FBI so that they do the necessary procedures to catch the hacker that opened your account without permission. You can go to the FBI's website at On this website, you will see links on the different FBI offices in different states.
  • Contact the United States Secret Service. Another government branch that you can contact regarding your hacked email is the United States Secret Service. On this website, you can find the contact numbers and the procedures that you have to do to report a cyber crime. The branch that will handle your complaint is the Electronic Crimes Task Forces and Working Groups.
  • Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This complaint center works with the FBI with regards to Internet crime. You can visit the website to file a complaint. You can file your complaint online by following the instructions on the website. You have to leave your name, email address, home address, contact numbers and the details on the hacking of your e-mail account. They will do the necessary investigation to catch the hacker.

These are some of the ways on how you can report people who are hacking emails. Reporting email hacking is a good step towards lessening the number of hackers online. Hacking passwords are not the only activity of these online predators. Aside from your email account, they can also hack online bank accounts and steal your credit card details. They can also hack into your system and steal important information that can be used to perform different types of crimes.


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