How To Revamp Your Brand Image

If sales are getting low and customer attention is being grabbed by new competition, it might be high time to give your brand image a revamp.  To keep your customers coming and interested, and your competitors at bay, give your brand image a makeover.  Don’t wait for the effects show in your revenue.  It would require additional work, but the results are rewarding.

Check your current image
.  You can conduct interviews or surveys through forms readily available at your store or send e-mails to your regular customers.  Ask them what they think about your current brand image.  What they have to say would give you an idea on what your brand image is exuding.  Is this what you really want to get across?  You can use their answers as a guiding light on what innovations you should do in your brand image.
Find out you plus and minus points
.  Know what your products and services are really good at.  Keep them and if possible, make it better.  You can also highlight these strengths and this would attract new customers.  Determine your areas of opportunity.  Devise a way of addressing your customers’ concerns regarding your company’s shortcomings.  Your good points strengthen your brand image and manage to turn around your bad points into something that you will improve on.  Making things better and knowing and eliminating negative feedbacks is a great key in how to revamp your brand image.

Strategize.  Add more options for your customers. Mix and match your products using packages that your customers would appreciate.  A few positive changes would keep your regular customers loyal and your potential customers regular.  You may go with having a few changes in your logo.  You can also improve on your marketing strategies.  If you haven’t gone online yet, it’s time to take advantage of this technology. Build a website, and showcase your products and services online.  And don’t forget to let your customers aware of these changes.

Evaluate.  After doing the previous steps, make sure to get the feedback from your customers or observe what the revamp in your brand image has done for your sales.  This is to double check that the changes you have made are gaining favorable results.  This would also give you an idea if your plus points increased and your negative points downsized.  During your revamp stage, this is essential if you are going to extend your highlight of the changes you have made.  Your customers should be fully aware or could feel the improvements you have made.  It is an improvement in your brand image if your customers know that you value their thoughts about your company.

Being in a competitive industry, it is essential that you keep your brand image fresh. When your brand image tends to be stagnant, your customers would easily lose interest and would be diverted by competitors who might have a more attractive image.  This could be a tedious and tricky process for your company to undergo, but this ensures the loyalty of your current customers and the generation of new ones, and of course the increase in your profit and revenue.


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