How To Run a Casino Night Fundraiser

One successful way to raise funds is by holding a casino night. When run responsibly, this type of fundraiser guarantees fun for all. Plus, you get to raise money for an important charity or cause.

Find out the local laws that apply to holding a casino night fundraiser. Different states, cities and counties may have their own regulations regarding casino night events. Inquire about permits that you need to apply for especially if you will be serving alcohol.

Decide what type of games you want to have. You can opt for all card games such as poker and blackjack or have slot machines, roulette tables, silent auctions and any other casino activities you want to add.

Decide on food and other activities. You can either have a full sit down dinner or a more relaxed buffet of finger foods, snacks and other light fare. A bar should be included. Plan your entertainment as well. You may want to hire a singer, a band or a DJ.

Determine your budget. Having a budget will ensure that you don’t spend more than what you can afford. As much as possible, keep your expenses within budget.

Determine how you plan to raise money. Will you simply charge for a cover fee for each person?  Do you plan to charge for food and drinks?  Do you charge a certain amount for each chip?  Will the slots accept change?  Find out about local regulations affecting this.

Set the date, time and venue for the fundraiser. Look for venues that can accommodate the number of people you expect to attend. The place should be able to accommodate all the casino equipment including space for the food, drinks and entertainment. You should know what the venue could provide: tables and chairs, podium, stage, bar, etc. Once you have a date and time for the affair, reserve the venue.

Select your theme. To make the night more fun, choose a theme for the fundraiser. The theme will set the mood for the night. It will be the basis for the decorations, invitations, publicity materials as well as the outfits that your guests should wear. Some ideas are: Las Vegas Night, Mardi Gras, Arabian Nights or Wild, Wild West.

Look for sponsors. Local businesses can provide prizes and other products or services in return for being listed as a sponsor.

Prepare for the event. Some activities involved in preparing for the casino fund raising event are:

  • Purchasing and sending out the invitations including flyers and buying adds in local newspapers
  • Deciding on the food and choosing the caterer
  • Booking the live entertainment
  • Purchasing additional decorations for the venue
  • Renting the casino tables, machines and other equipment you may need.
  • Hiring additional staff: professional dealers, wait staff, ushers, etc.

Meet with all persons involved in the event. Everyone should be aware of each other’s roles. Identify the responsibilities of each individual: money transactions, security, welcoming committee, entertainment manager, guest relations, prizes committee, food committee and more.

Hold the fundraising event. Once everything has been set up (decorations, food, entertainment, prizes and casino tables and other games) all you need to do is let the games begin.

Running a casino night fundraiser involves a lot of planning. Your best bet is to work with a party planner well versed in setting up casino night parties. This way you can use their expertise to hold a successful fundraiser for your charity.


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