How To Run a Plant Nursery

A plant nursery is one of the less common businesses we see. It is actually a business reserved for those who have passion in horticulture or planting. If you are one of those and are planning to establish a nursery for yourself, here are ways on how to run a plant nursery.

  1. Know your stocks. Like in any other business, you have to determine your stocks all the time. This is where you will start whenever you need to make a top decision. In other words, this will determine your next move. There are various ways on how you can determine your nursery stocks like skill, knowledge, proficiency, growing space and of course your customers.
  2. Be wise with your budget and do not overspend. Allot a budget for your nursery. When doing this, do it yearly. This will help you make an outlook of how everything is going to run for the entire year. Once the budget has been finalized, be sure to keep your expenditures neat. This simply means not to overspend. The previous year’s records will help you map everything out, from budget to stocks. If you wish to cater on a specific breed of plants, do this later. It is not healthy to specialize right away if you are just starting a nursery. At best, start with the more popular ones. Once the nursery has become stable, that is the time you can start gradually shifting to specialized line of plants.
  3. Be keen in choosing your staff. When hiring staff to work on your plant nursery, you should be keen in screening them. Put in mind that you are in a plant business. Hiring someone who knows nothing, or someone not even interested in plants, would be a disaster for your nursery. At best, hire someone who has knowledge in horticulture or at least, interested enough and is enthusiastic to learn how to take good care of the plants.
  4. Maintain a good record of everything. Running this kind of business does not only require you to know how to take care of the plants. You should also know how keep a good record of everything you need in the nursery, from prices to the supplies, to the inventories and even to the preferences of your clients. You will need these records when deciding. Such records are especially helpful during winter so you can make possible changes that can give you more earnings.
  5. Work on advertisements. Remember that every business is a competition. You have to know your market. Make the necessary advertisements or promotional deals to get clients. This is good whether you are just starting the business or already have regular clients.

Running a plant nursery is a passion more than being a business. But the best thing here is, you can earn a lot by just doing what you really love. Once you turn it into a business, there are other details you need to work on, like the management part.


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