How To Run a Roller Skate Rink

Running a roller skate rink is a huge task, not to mention the costly construction and maintenance of such facility. Here are ways on how to run a roller skate rink.

  1. Be a member of the Roller Skating Association International (RSAI). Be sure to become a member of this association that helps people establishing skate rink to get on their feet through the association’s rink consultants. These consultants will help you establish your rink in all stages. This association will also assist you in the everyday business of skating rinks. Maximize the help and resources you will get from the Roller Skating Association. No worries, membership in RSAI is free.
  2. Match the building and skating surface of your choice. You can choose the usual and most common surface used in skating rinks—a plastic covered concrete. This the more common because of its cheaper costs and maintenance. It will be perfect for standard to big size buildings. Now if you do not have that much space, or have a smaller building for your skating rink, you can choose wooden flooring.
  3. Go wholesale. Purchase all other items you need in your skating rink like bar and equipments on a wholesale basis. You will save a lot from this set-up. Make arrangements from your supplier to assure that all stocks are always in on time. Delays in the delivery of goods and supplies impair the routine of your skating rink.
  4. Purchase secondhand skates if you are working on a tight budget. Check out the local sports shop for secondhand skates. There are a lot in the market now that may be secondhand but are still in good condition. This is especially helpful if you are under a tight budget. Just be keen to make sure that they are in good condition.
  5. Impose strict rules in your rink. To avoid frequent maintenance because of damaged skates or rink, impose strict rules. Be sure you make all your customers aware of the rules by posting them in contiguous places like the entrance, hallways, waiting areas, etc. Make them sign simple documents or rental agreements informing them all of their liabilities in case of damage. You need this to avoid frequent repairs, as well as to the general wellness of your skating rink.
  6. Create a play list. It would be nice to have songs constantly playing while your customers are skating. So create a play list of all sorts of music, from jazz, to pop to classical. You can also set-up a paging system for skaters if they wish to send messages to their loved ones. The skaters would surely love this.
  7. Advertise your skating rink. The best way to keep a number of skaters in your skating rink is continuous advertisement. Make sure that your existence is known by, ideally, all members of the community. Holding events every now and then would also be helpful to make you known.

Running a skate rink may be difficult. But with proper knowledge, everything is going to be just fine.


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