How To Run an Air Duct Cleaning Company

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Most homes and buildings have air ducts, especially if they have centralized heating. Air ducts are usually cleaned by professionals and not just by homeowners or janitors. You can make a huge business cleaning air ducts. But first, find out how to start an air duct business, and what you need to do to keep it running.

  1. Find out the requirements to start an air duct cleaning business. There are no national standards or certification and the rules vary from state to state. In some states, several licenses are needed to run an air duct cleaning company – a mechanical contractor’s license is needed to be able to have access to the building’s system, and a pesticide license since cleaners use sanitizing agents and solutions.
  2. Find out what kind of equipment you need. You may have to purchase a whole lot of equipment that you will need a large capital. You also need to have insurance for your business – for your equipment and your employees. Consult with an insurance agent, a lawyer and an accountant to help you arrange the legal paperwork to make sure your business becomes legal, and has the safe guards needed to run a business smoothly.
  3. Find your clients. Create your own air duct cleaning website so you can market your business online at very low costs. This is also a great way to reach residential and small commercial clients. If you want bigger companies to service, then you will need to do a real sales job and make calls, set meetings and do presentations. You may even participate in public biddings to get clients. You will be investing some time and money in making sales calls alone, so make sure that you have a laid out plan and budget for these activities. Once you have clients, establish good business relationship with them so you get repeat business and if you really offer great service, you get to have referrals!
  4. Decide where to establish your office. You have to have an office space, so it is best that you situate your office near businesses that offer related products or services, such as air conditioning product companies. You get to have new clients through referrals from these companies when they ask about air duct cleaning. It is best however, not to put up your business where there is already an existing air duct cleaning company. This will kill both your businesses. Look for a good location and own the market base there.
  5. Offer other air duct related services, such as air duct installation and repairs. This way, you expand your market base and you still have some business when all your clients have had their air ducts cleaned.
  6. Participate in business conventions, expos and events so you can also feature your business and you will be able to network with other businessmen in a similar field.
  7. Manage your cash flow well, and minimize expenses to ensure that your air duct cleaning business runs successfully.


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