How To Schedule Conference Events

Conference events can be fun and tiring at the same time, depending on what the activities are. There are times when business is mixed with pleasure since too much information is overwhelming. Some organizers make the mistake of making the workshops sessions too long, which makes them boring and elicits less enthusiasm from the participants.

In scheduling conference meetings, the organizers must check with the involved parties on their available schedules. Once the conference venues and the conference calendar are prepared, the participants should be informed of the scheduled conference meeting at least five days before. The organizer must remind the involved parties three days prior to the said meeting to confirm the latter’s attendance. Also, the participants should be made aware of any updates or cancellations regarding the meeting. It is the organizers’ duty to give the participants the calendar of events for the conference.   

Normally, conference events are scheduled when:

  1. A political party needs to plan their platform and choose the candidates for office. Creating a platform is not easy, which is why it is important for the members of the party to discuss it. Aside from that, they also need to know who is worthy of running for office.
  2. Major decisions are required. Meeting with the board is needed to discuss new project proposals and business expansions, whether they need to push through with the project or abandon it for the time being. Also, the closing of company branches or outlets is also a reason for calling a conference meeting. Reasons for its occurrence and how to prevent it from happening again are the major issues to be investigated during the conference meeting. 
  3. There are foundations that are asking for donations and other charity works. Fundraising activities and charity works are subject for approval of the board members, including what kind of fundraising activity is most effective and the distribution of responsibility among the departments.
  4. There is team building. Team building is commonly held during summer. This annual conference is a way to build coordination and trust among employees and their bosses. New employees benefit the most in this annual conference since this is where they really get to know who their colleagues are. Through conference events, ideas are freely spoken minus the office strictness.
  5. The present status of the company is to be discussed. Financial reports and business strategies for the improvement of the company are talked about during conference events. Normally, conference events of this nature last only a day.
  6. There are new technology, inventions and programming languages from which the company can benefit. Conference events are scheduled when the company needs to enhance their knowledge in niche areas.

In Canada, the Shaw Conference Center, popularly known as The Shaw, is a common conference venue. It boasts of its glass Atrium that reflects the hill of the river valley that this building is built into. It has four convention halls, which can be converted into one large conference hall by folding the dividers. Not only that, The Shaw has 13 salons, which are used for conference seminars and workshops.


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