How To Select Dental Office Furniture

Dental office furniture
If you own or work in a dental office, then you know the importance of classy yet functional furnishings for your office. This guide will help you select dental office furniture that will leave you and your clients happy with your decorating decisions.

Step 1

Choose functional designs. Dental offices always have waiting rooms, and these need to accommodate the many clients that walk through the doors each day. So when you are selecting dental office furniture, you need to consider the needs of your customers. Think about how many people could be seated in your dental office waiting room at any given time throughout the day. You need to purchase enough furniture to accommodate these people. So rather than choosing bulky chairs for your dental office's waiting room, consider buying more compact chairs. You can fit many more reasonably-sized chairs in your dental office, as opposed to larger, bulkier furniture.

When you're thinking about a reception desk for your dental office, again, you need to think in terms of how it can best meet your needs and still function within the limited space you have to put it in. Choose a desk that has as much storage as possible, including file hangers, pigeon holes for storing smaller things, several drawers and of course, a countertop for customers to make payments on, and so on. Sure, it seems like a lot to ask out of a single desk, but many reputable companies make dental office furniture like receptions desks that function exactly like this. So choose a desk that works best for you.

Step 2

Choose interesting fabrics. It is most important to ensure that the dental office furniture that you select is functional in your dental office. But that doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice on the design aspect of it all! When you are selecting chairs to furnish your dental office with, look for an interesting design for the fabric on your pieces. This has a dual purpose - not only does it modernize the look of your dental office, but designs (rather than solid colors) help to hide wear, tear and stains. You'll get much more use out of your dental office waiting room chairs if the design on them is a bit forgiving. Just be sure you also consider the carpeting in your dental office so that you won't be left with two clashing patterns that give your clients headaches.

Step 3

Go with a set. While it's not necessary by any means, it is always fun to choose dental office furniture that matches, or at least, adheres to some sort of theme. Collections always seem to look better, especially in dental offices. Plus, purchasing a matching set for your dental office furniture may just take away some of the hassle of what furniture to choose - pick one piece, and the rest of the choices are made for you.

Step 4

Don't forget the little ones! Of course, you will have small children in your dental office every day who also have needs when it comes to furniture. So don't forget about them! Try to have a designated area in your waiting room that caters to children. This spot should include a small children's table with several chairs, as well as some books and toys. If you can keep kids in a concentrated area in your dental office, you'll also add to the life of your office furniture because it won't receive so much wear and tear.


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