How To Select Human Resources Information Technology

Information technology has encroached upon every aspect of human life. We see information technology at work every time we log on to our email accounts, pay for our groceries, have medical check-ups, and time in at work. In the same fashion, we see information technology being used extensively in every aspect of running a business. Human resource (HR) management is one area where information technology is being used successfully.

Information technology has replaced bulky filing cabinets filled over stacked with personnel file folders and envelopes with software that’s capable of storing and processing information at great speed. Now, it’s easy for a human resource manager to retrieve the files of an employee, his entire personnel record for the company, with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Indeed, human resource information technology has made the different functions of human resource management drastically easier. However, selecting a human resource information technology solution for your company is a huge endeavor and not one to be taken lightly. This task should not fall upon the shoulders of the human resource manager alone, but on a group of decision makers that includes the company’s information technology staff and human resource department personnel. As one, the first task of this group will be to draft the company’s overall human resource information technology strategy and the step-by-step plan for the implementation and adoption of this new system.

Next, this group will need to set the budget for procuring the human resource information technology software package. Any new hardware needed for the roll out the system, including servers, will also be factored in to the budget. Costs associated with the pilot testing and adoption of the system will also be included in this budget. 

Once the budget has been set, it is now time for the group to consider whether it will be better to develop the human resource information technology system internally, or to purchase available software packages in the market. Each option has its own pros and cons. Developing the software internally may take a longer and might prove to be much more expensive than buying a commercially available software solution. However, the group can be sure that it is tailored to meet their current and futures needs. On the other hand, there are many vendors that offer custom human resource information technology solutions that will be a lot faster and easier to implement than an internally developed solution.

In the event that the group decides to purchase a software solution, then it will be time to request for proposals from different vendors. This will take quite sometime as each software solution has be to evaluated in terms of flexibility, scalability, and functionality. To properly evaluate the software, it may be necessary for one or more members of the group to take some online continuing education classes in HR. The group may request the different vendors to demonstrate their products to see if it meets the company’s requirements. From there, a short list of vendors can be made. It is from this short list of vendors that the group will finally choose the vendor that will provide the company’s human resource information technology system.


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