How To Sell a Used Encyclopedia Set

Encyclopedia set

Encyclopedias have been around for many years and they have been great tools of knowledge for many people from the academe and other institutions of research and knowledge. But with the emergence of information technology, encyclopedias have been evolving also to digital format. Digital encyclopedias may take the form of installed software or websites. However, there are still many people and institutions that prefer to use the classic encyclopedia. These people believe that paper encyclopedias are still fine resources of information, reference and knowledge.

Now here's the situation: Encyclopedia owners who wanted to shift to digital format encyclopedia would vend their used encyclopedias which are still in good condition. Those people who choose to own paper encyclopedias would like to buy affordable encyclopedias. This is where the sale of the used encyclopedia enters. Below are tips on how to sell used encyclopedia sets.

  1. Determine the value of your encyclopedia set. There are websites that offer online appraisal. Try acquiring this service if you cannot determine the real value of the sets. Encyclopedia sets may be appraised according to their physical condition, reliability of information, edition year and publisher.
  2. Make an item description of each set. A whole set of encyclopedias may share only one item description because they have only one title, publisher, edition year and, of course, the price. If the whole set have different titles for each book because of their various topics, prepare a list of the titles, but the name of the encyclopedia must be indicated.
  3. Set a wholesale and a retail price. Some buyers would prefer to buy encyclopedias per book and not the whole set. If that's the case, it is reasonable to sell a book at a much higher price. For example, your price for the whole set of 12 encyclopedia books is $540. At this rate, this would mean that the price of each encyclopedia is $45. But if a buyer insists on buying only one book, set the price of the book to $50 or higher, depending on your sales instinct.
  4. Expand your horizon. If you think you just need your yard or garage to put up a sale, it's fine. But if you want to rush your sale, try to sell it on the Internet. There are lots of sites you can put your advertisement on without charge. You can also set up your sale as an auction so your sale will have the potential of higher income.
  5. Be flexible for payment options. If needed, you can include shipping charges for those who chose to accept your product via shipment. You can also try receiving payments by cash, check, credit cards, or by cash on delivery. If you are selling through the Internet, it is recommended to receive the payment through a secure site like PayPal.

Selling used encyclopedias and encyclopedia sets can be a good source of extra income. It is not only profitable, but the opportunity of making a sale on, at least, a set of used encyclopedias can also be a great way to enhance your salesmanship, boost your confidence and clean your bookshelves.


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