How To Sell Carbon Credits

Selling carbon credits can be part of a great financial strategy for some businesses.  You can click here to take online classes from an accredited business college, and learn how to put together other innovative financing programs.

If you would like to sell your carbon credits to larger companies there are a few things you must do prior to making the sale.  First, you must determine whether your company is considered a low carbon footprint business and if you qualify to sell off your credits.  Farmers, logging companies and many clean energy companies such as companies which use solar power all qualify to sell their carbon credits.  To determine whether you qualify, you must check with the Chicago Climate Exchange. Your business will be required to prove at any and all times that their business practices entitle the company to have these extra credits.

Once you have determined if your company is eligible to sell off your extra carbon credits you must become a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange.  This is the only way that you can sell your credits. The Chicago Climate Exchange works a lot like the stock market, and credits are bought and sold in the same manner.

Once you have been approved, you will be given a price for your credits and they will be posted to sell.  Larger companies then have the ability to purchase your credits to offset their own emissions.  The Exchange will audit these credits often to ensure that all dealings are fair and that actual emissions are being offset. Credit prices are determined on supply and demand and there is no set price as of this date for each credit.

Credits are determined by the type of company you have and the amount of pollution that you produce.  The carbon credit program was developed during a summit in Kyoto Japan on Global Warming.  It is a four-year program that began in 2008 and will last until 2012. It was started with the intention of creating a healthier environment.  During this four-year period, it is hoped that factories worldwide will have the chance to update their operations and create more environmentally friendly production facilities.  Many companies are also finding that they can offset their carbon output by doing volunteer work such as replanting forests.  Your company may be able to earn additional credits to sell by partaking in these types of activities.  Verify through the Chicago Climate Exchange all eligible activities that can be converted to credits and, in turn, sold.  This gives you the opportunity to help the environment and make some extra money on the side for your business. Additional creative financing concepts can be discovered through online business management courses.


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