How To Sell from Door to Door

Cold Calls with Hard Knocks to Success

Door to Door 'sales/marketing' can be the most rewarding to the person performing it; all that is required is the right attitude, passion and Energy, along with some common sense. The 'take aways' of this article are based on my real life experiences as a sales man. It portrays Growth not only financially but also intellectually and holistically.

The articles dwell upon the important lessons learned in the market, from bosses and sales Gurus.

This article is presented from an FOS (Feet on street) point of view and not from the Manager's point of view.

Step 1

The Philosophy of a Sales Man: 'What we believe' is the ultimate force that drives our attitudes and behaviors. Door to door sales is no easy task and requires a firm standing in what we believe. Ask yourself these questions:

1) What is your personal reason for doing this?

2) What is your expected payoff in both the short term and long term?

3) What do you dream for?

4) How does door to door sales help in the crystalization of our dreams to reality?

Superficial responses to the above will get us nowhere; we need to firmly believe in our raison d'etre and link them to our achievements in door to door sales. This thought process forms your personal Sales Leadership Engine. 

Step 2

The Thought Process: At the core of our thought processes is our philosophy of Sales. Our next action should be to visualise acheiving a goal and linking that goal to a reward.

The visualisation process is the fuel to our Personal Sales Leadership Engine (PSLE)- Why do we need this fuel???- Simple - Common Sales Funnel analyses depict the final sales at close to 1% of Total Sales Calls. Imagine hearing 99 'No Thank You's' to just hear one 'Yes' this is what I need!

The truth plain and simple is that even the 'Best of the Best' in Sales will boast of a Sales to Cold Call Rate (SCR)  of 2%. If it's anything more than this, you do not require door to door sales (you can open a 'Ration Shop' given the demand).

Now that it is clear that every 99 failures is your stepping stone to success, you are prepared to provide the mental resilience, balance and energy to power you through with a smile saying 'Yes I can'/'am a winner'/'Will to Win'/'Every call-growing tall -and better. (Or any other statement of Autosuggestion).

Step 3

The Plan: We start with our End Purpose in mind - The Goal for the Day.

1) To generate X Sales today.

2) To Make 25 Cold calls today.

3) To follow up on at least 10% of funnel today.

Divide your geographical territory into 'Pies' or quadrants. Name them A,B,C etc.

Now today I Plan to cover____Pie. I estimate there to be at least 150 households and .....The objective is to pinpoint an exact geographical territory that will enable you to efficiently cover the target area.

Start early - keep running; engage an almost mechanical religious dut-bound attitude to the ritual of door to door cold calling; it will take you a long way. Plan for recreation every two hours.

Step 4

Cold Calls and Hard Knocks:

Script and Presentation: Before we make our plan we need to have a fair understanding of our Product; its features, advantages and benefits (FAB) to the customer, competitor products and key feature comparison.

We need to compress the unique selling proposition into one 15 second 'Power Opening' Statement. The Power Opening is our first statement of presentation to the customer - it should be energetic, enthusiastic and a full-hearted realistic smile come what may.

Power Opening - 'Good Morning Ms. ______, My name is Jack from ABC inc. You have been especially chosen..........Can I take a few minutes to demonstrate its powerful features that I am sure you will benefit from.....'

The objective of a Power Opening is to gain acceptance to present your case, but it be met with objections which require to be handled with tact eg. "Oh that - we already have it", "No thank you", "Come Tomorrow".

Presentation: Your presentation should be compelling, it should unravel any latent needs of the customer. There should be passionate dialogue between you and the customer. You should have power phrases that work, Pay close attention to what the customer is saying and dont interrupt the customer ever. Be empathetic to the customer and involve the display of an emotion of empathy.

Objection Handling: Pay close attention to objections and handle them with tact. Generic objection handling is covered in detail by Sales Guru's Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar. Dont argue to objections; rather, be persuasive.

Closing: Look for opportunities for trial closure and place statements like, "Would you like to have your very own_________ activated in the coming week or shall we do so right away?" These statements should lead the customer to a close. Closures should conform to 100% documentation and payment policies.

Step 5

Documentation: Upon the exit from every call be sure to document the following Customer contact details: Type of Call (Cold Call, Prospect Call, Closure Call); Customer Remarks; Competitor Info; Competition Expiry date, etc.

A well structured documentation process will make Winning a lot easier in the long run.

Ensure that documentation is maintained over several servers as backup.

Maintain an MIS and Sales Funnel - pipeline.

Step 6

Home Work - Review Retospection and Re Plan: Now that you have a taste of what a day in the life of a door to door sales man is, you need to review all your activities stated in this document and improvise. What works and what doesnt work? What new ideas could be implemented? Plan your next day in confidence and take a good rest at night to enforce the continous effort demanded by 'Winning'.

For more tips I strongly suggest you read the works of Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar. All the best... KEEP WINNING.


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