How To Sell on Amazon

Everyone has heard of and all the things you can buy from this one website; however, did you know that you too can sell items on Amazon from your own website? Amazon has a set of tools, which will allow you to sell your own products on various websites, and the set up for this service is pretty simple.

Step 1

Go to

Go to the home page and you will see a “Selling on Amazon” link. Click on the Sell Your Stuff link. There are other links you can click on as well but we will focus on this particular one for now.

Step 2

Choose a Category

Now you are at the “Sell Your Stuff” page. On this page you can choose from a wide list of items you can sell. You can choose from books, DVDs, CDs, sporting goods and a lot of other things as well. You can search for specific items using ISBN, UPC, and ASIN or by using keywords.

Step 3

Describe Your Offering

After entering the item information, you will be taken to a page that will show you various products, which match you description. Choose the one that matches your chosen item. You will then need to click on the “Sell Yours Here” link to go to the next step of the process. This is the money part of the process.

Step 4

Set a Price

Now you get to set a price for the item or items you are selling on the website. You will need to choose the item's condition or quality and you will be able to enter some information about the item. You can list how well it works, if there are any problems with it or special information like an autographed copy of a CD. List anything you think the buyer would need to know in order to complete the sale.

Now you get to enter the price for the item as well as the quantity you want to sell. You will also enter your geographic location and select your possible shipping methods. will credit you for the cost of the shipping and there are preset credit amounts for each type of shipping so you don’t lose money on the shipping costs. 

Step 5

Enter Account Details

Now that you have entered all this information you will be taken to the sign in page. Sign in so you can be properly credited for the item when it sells. If you have not created an account you can do so at this time. Once you are done, you can click on the Submit Your Listing link to get your item on the website.

Step 6

Ship the Item

Once your item sells, Amazon will immediately send you an email, this is the email address you supplied when you registered so make sure it’s accurate. Included in the email are very easy to follow instructions and you will need to send your item within two business days, Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days.

Step 7

Get Paid

After that you will receive the payment for the item and the cost of shipping from Amazon. That’s all it takes. It’s quite easy to get started, so start making some money today with your very own account on Amazon. 

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