How To Sell to Retail Customers: Business Boosting Tips

Part 5 of a 5-part Series to Help Retailers Increase their Sales

Worried that your customers may ditch your store and instead shop online? Want to continue drawing in new clients? Create a fun and inviting atmosphere and make your shoppers feel special. Welcome them in offering extreme customer service that shouts, “You’re important!”  Top-notch customer service will keep people coming in your door no matter how convenient online shopping is.

These final tips will put the finishing touch on your staff’s customer service skills. Turn your retail clerks into super salespeople, gain loyal clients, and create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in your store. Your retail business will be the talk of the business community as you grow your profitability.

  1. Surprise your customer. Invite your customers to have fun. For example, “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m giving you the copies half price because you waited in line so long!” They remember a good experience and anticipate coming back! “We saved some cookies and warm apple cider for you on the back counter.” Deliver earlier than promised, such as, “Your label order is ready early. Would you like to pick it up today?” Think of customers as friends and find something to laugh about together.
  2. Balance the balloons. Pace yourself and the attention you give to each customer. Don’t allow customers to overpower each other; recognize each customer as very important. Allow other customers to join in the mix: “Wow, isn’t this a great sunset photo? Mrs. Smith received an award for it!”
  3. Learn to multi-task. Learn to recognize what services a customer wants when he or she walks in. Sense which customers are in a hurry and quickly assist them first. For example, “Do you mind if I ring up this lady’s card first? Then I can give full attention to your project next.” Get customers with big projects started first, then squeeze other customers in between, such as, “If you could fill out this shipping form, I’ll help this gentleman and then be right with you.”
  4. Plant seeds for growth. Build a foundation with each customer by creating positive relationships. For example, “It’s loyal customers like you who help us stay in business.” Learn your regular customers’ names. Invite customers back; anticipate their future business, such as, “Next time you visit us, I’ll show how to make color copies of your photos.” Tap their power by asking for referrals, “ Tell your friends how much you like us!”

In the end, it’s about how well you get customers in the door and keep them coming back in. Learn to acknowledge each customer and help him with his specific needs. Teach all staff to be aware of consumer needs, and your business will be successful and prosper!  If you're really serious about building your staff members' skill levels, consider sending some of them to online business training programs.

For more tips, watch for Riley Klein’s forthcoming eBook, Super Sales Strategies, a reference eBook for retail clerks.

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Great article, Riley Klein. I have always wanted to become a successful entrepreneur and am sure that your series of articles are of great value to me...whichever field of business i may select. Keep up the great work!

By Akshay Surendran

Well done, Riley Klein. A great series of articles with very useful business improvement ideas.

By Waheedullah Aleko