How To Sell to Retail Customers: Ideas for Service

Part 2 of a 5-part Series to Help Retailers Increase their Sales

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Have you walked into a store lately and tried to get some service? Sometimes employees are so busy chatting with each other (or on their cell phones) that they don’t pay much attention to you. They have bad reputations for customer service, and they’ve earned it! Well, don’t let your business get a tarnished image. Get out there and “polish” your customer service by training your employees! 

  1. Always say “YES!” Make “Yes, I can do it!” a habit. If you can’t help your customer directly, find a way you can still help. For example, “We don’t sell wardrobe boxes, but the box company across town does. Do you want me to phone them and find out how late they’re open today?” Have an attitude of “Absolutely!” When you show confidence in yourself, customers trust you with their important projects.
  2. Review your service. Roll out the red carpet (and remember to charge for your services!). Highlight your steps in ensuring satisfaction. For example, “So, first I’ll make 20 double-sided copies, then print a cover page in color, and lastly bind all 20 booklets with black comb binding, correct?” It’s okay to toot your own horn, such as, “We helped you mail a letter, ship a package, and send a fax, all in one visit.”
  3. Offer personal assistance. Focus on your customer. At that moment, he or she is the most important person in your world. “Let me help you make the copies while you address your envelope.” Ask what your customer's goal is, and how you can help him or her complete it.
  4. Project confidence. Smile! You can radiate cheerfulness. NEVER say, “I don’t know.” Hustle and stay busy. It’s easier to trust clerks who look like they know what they’re doing. Fake the answers if you need to (then learn the correct answer later). For example, “Sure, I’ll check the price of that book for you...It’s only $5.95 plus tax.”
  5. Make it easy to close the sale. Let your customers know you’re taking care of them. For example, “When you come back at five, we’ll have everything you need ready for your presentation tomorrow.” Offer to fill out forms for them if they’re in a rush (remember to charge extra).

When you take care of your customers, they will really appreciate it. Your customers will love you and keep coming back! It’s much easier to keep a current customer happy than to spend marketing efforts trying to attract a new customer, isn’t it?  You can learn other great customer retention strategies by taking some business courses online.

For more tips, watch for Riley Klein’s forthcoming eBook, “Super Sales Strategies eBook”, a reference for retail clerks.

For more tips, watch for Riley Klein’s forthcoming eBook, Super Sales Strategies, a reference eBook for retail clerks.

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As i have said earlier, entrepreneurship has always been my dream...and i believe that customer satisfaction is the most important ingredient of any successful business...Congrats Riley, for this great effort emphasising customer satisfaction.

By Akshay Surendran