How To Sell TV Air Time

Selling TV air time is not an easy thing to do since most businesses are scared of the costs of advertising on TV.  Right now, there are other advertising strategies and mediums that can produce the same efficacy at lesser costs such as online marketing, radio, and newspaper and magazine ads.  Nevertheless, there is still a huge market for you and your team to tap and sell to.  Here are some tips on how to advice your people on how to sell TV air time more effectively.

  • Be positive.  The first and most valuable tip that you can impart to your sales people is to always stay positive.  The life of a sales person is always full of rejection.  All these rejections can take a toll especially if the person is affected easily by failure.  Prepare your people by telling them the reality that at least 90 percent of the companies and entrepreneurs they will pitch to will reject their offer outright.  It is the way of the sales world and since TV advertising and air time is a niche market, they should expect rejection every step of the way.  These being said, explain to them that they need to stay positive and confident that they will be closing the next sale.  Staying positive will give them a better chance of selling in the long run.
  • Know the industry.  It is highly important that each of your sales people understand and know the intricacies of the TV advertising industry.  They should be aware of their competitors, know the market of their TV channel based on spots and air time, and know the perfect selling points to focus on when in front of a prospective client.  Knowledge is power which will result in your sales people being more confident and positive.
  • Show the benefits.  Train your people to sell to a client by focusing on the results and benefits of advertising on TV.  They should be able to relate the benefits of a TV ad to the core competency and goal of the client’s venture.  Basically, most clients will look for increased revenue from any marketing and ad campaign.  This being said, make sure that your people are able to explain in depth that a TV ad campaign will increase the amount of leads and prospective customers exponentially.
  • Know where to look.  Searching for clients is probably one of the most important aspects in succeeding in the competitive world of TV air time sales.  You will need to teach them where to look and how to spot prospective clients.  For instance, the events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in any region or city will always include tons of prospective clients your guys can tap.  On this note, going to these events and networking will only help their selling efforts.  Cold calling and prospecting is a large part of sales so; make sure to train your people to do this as well.

All these suggestions are healthy advices on how to motivate and train your TV air time sales team.  Remember that the whole arena is getting smaller and smaller especially with the advent of the Internet new media marketing and advertising concept.  However, with these suggestions in place, your team will still be able to grab a nice market share.


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