How To Set up a Flour Mill

In many countries the flour mill is still an essential part of daily life, and many people use their own grain mill to get the flour they need. This mill is also known as a grain mill and it takes whole grains like corn or wheat and mills them into flour or in some cases a paste. For instance, corn can be processed in the grain mill to make cornmeal, and wheat can be processed into making flour, or soybeans can be processed into soybean flour. Making a flour mill is not a huge project, and can usually be done within a day, making it easy to make your own flour in just a few minutes.

You will need to know your way around tools to complete this project, and you will need the following equipment: a hacksaw or a pipe cutter and pipe. You will also need to have a vice available for cutting the pipe. Because this is a temporary flour mill and thus an inexpensive one you will need some kind of aluminum can, and then your whole grains.

  1. Your first step is to cut 30 inch long lengths of 3/4 inch diameter pipe, but you want to put the pipe in the vise so that it is held firmly and you can cut the ends flat. Then you will want to file the needs so that they are smooth. You will need a metal file to do this. You actually want the pipe to be able to stand on one end and sit fleshly against the surface of the table.
  2. Your next step is to take each end of the pipe all the way to the other end with slip resistant tape. Hold two pipes that have been cut the same length, and have the ends filed evenly down and wrapped in the slip resistant tape, tightly together and wrap these two with duct tape so they are held together.
  3. Once you have finished that step you want to take some type of can. It can be a large coffee can, or any other type of food can and cut off the top, so the can holds the grain. Then fill the can with the grain you want and put the can on a flat hard counter or cement surface. You will need to hold the can with your feet while sitting down, then place the pipe into the can. You want to lift the pipe up about three inches and pound it into the can using short strokes. This breaks the grain up into the flour consistency you need, thus creating your very own flour mill.

This flour mill can pound out about a half pound of flour and takes just a few minutes to do.


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