How To Set Up a Lemonade Stand

It's that time of year again, when lemonade stands are out in full swing. If you have children, it's likely this type of early business venture will be one of their annual summer projects...but if they've never attempted it before they may need a little how-to advice. Setting up a lemonade stand is really rather simple. You mainly need a table, a sign, some lemonade, and cups. However, there are a few other things you should probably know.

Once you've picked out a well-sized table and a few chairs for the kids to sit in, you'll want to place the table where people will see it. Perhaps the lemonade stand will work well right in your front yard, but you can be more creative. Ask your local library, mall, or grocery store if you can set up a small stand in front of their business.

Remember that in the business world, regardless of the size of the venture, one of the top priorities is presentation. Lemonade stand presentation is important, even if it seems pointless at first glance. Consider that you can present your lemonade stand well simply by covering the table with a clean, bright tablecloth and attracting customers with a well-made sign. You'll get more attention at the lemonade stand if things are neat and nicely displayed.

You might want to have the kids put forth their creative effort for making a sign for the stand. However, remember that all letters and words need to be legible and understandable. Perhaps you can draw an outline for younger children to color in or entrust older children with writing any words. Use bright colors for the letters and any pictures on the sign. And don't forget to clearly mark the price!

You've got a table and a sign and a place to set everything up. Now it's time to sell lemonade. Have plenty of freshly made, ice-cold, pre-tasted lemonade available. You might want to have the lemonade in pitchers or in a large cooler. Stock the stand well with cups and even napkins. And remember that setting up a lemonade stand and selling to customers goes over even better when you and your children do it with a smile!


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