How To Set Up a Roadside Assistance Service

Do you want to start a roadside assistance service?  One great first step is to take business classes - after all, good business is good business no matter what you're doing!

Without the help of roadside assistance services these days, you can probably imagine how lost and useless you will feel if you have a vehicular breakdown in the middle of the road--on your way to work, to errands, or on a grand road trip, perhaps. You may have little idea how to fix it, if you even figure out what made your car seize up and choke. While there are a lot of roadside assistance or towing services you can choose from, what with automobile companies, numerous car clubs, and auto insurance companies offering them, there will still be plenty of people who will cry out for help during on-the-road breakdowns. 

If you are a mechanic, you may want to establish a roadside assistance service in your area to service local needs or to provide a cheaper alternative. Roadside assistance entails a number of responsibilities, but for the most part, you are expected to attend to vehicular problems such as the car not being able to start, car batteries that need to be charged, problems with tires (flat tire, punctures, etc.), a fuel change or refueling, and electric wiring problems. 

There are numerous considerations you should take note of if you are going to set up a roadside assistance service. First of all, you must have an idea what kind of services or repair work you intend to offer. You probably don't aim to take over all the duties of major roadside services yet, so it's best to start with simpler jobs first, such as flat tire replacement. You must also determine your availability; many major roadside service providers are available around the clock, making it convenient for motorists. You will also need to work with auto insurance providers eventually, as well as become an accredited service shop so that motorists who have signed up with certain motor clubs or insurance providers will be able to make use of your service without having to pay any additional fees.  

Starting a roadside assistance service is not the easiest venture to get involved in. For one, you have to remember that you need the right equipment and vehicles in order to carry out repair work and provide towing service. Having the right location—a garage, a warehouse, where you can perform simple repairs is also important. You will also need to hire other mechanics and engineers. You may need to learn more about the management of that side of the business. Of course, don't forget to handle all the necessary paperwork and get your roadside service registered as a proper business in order for your company to be able to operate. You can learn about national and local regulations by taking online classes in business law.


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