How To Set Up an 0800 Number

Most businesses find it essential to have an 0800 number. A 0800 number allows your customers to call you from anywhere in the UK, without incurring a toll.  This allows businesses to broaden their marketing strategy, and attract clients from a larger geographical profile. When setting up a 0800 number, there are some simple points to consider.

Step 1 – Select your service provider.

There are many service providers offering 0800 numbers. It is wise to compare the features offered and to consider the pricing structure for each provider. You may want to consider a provider that offers “vanity” numbers, i.e. numbers that spell out your business name, making the 0800 number easy to remember and use.

Step 2 – Select the features needed.

Most providers include some of the basic features in their base price. For example, most providers include voicemail at no extra charge. Other features are available at an additional cost. There are many to consider, based on your business needs. Some providers offer features like international numbers, the ability to send and receive faxes, music played for customers on hold, and more.

Step 3 – Fill out the application for your selected service provider.

Regardless of which service provider you choose, you must fill out an application. This is a standard step in setting up any phone line, business or residential, and includes information about how you plan to pay for the services provided.

Step 4 – Direct incoming calls to the right phone.

Your 0800 number must be associated with a phone line. This allows you to receive both local calls and 0800 calls on the same line. If you are associating your number with an existing line, there is no additional cost.  If you are setting up your 0800 number AND your basic line, you may need to deal with two service providers, as not all telephone providers offer both local and toll free services.

Step 5 – Set up the voicemail associated with your 0800 number.

This step varies, depending on your provider, but is generally a very simple process.  Most likely the process involves a series of steps, including recording a greeting, and determining a pin number to retrieve voicemail.

Setting up a 0800 number for your business is a fairly direct process. The resulting benefits are numerous. From offering great customer service, to broadening your target market, consider setting up a 0800 number to enhance your business potential.


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