How To Ship Liquor Bottles

Sending liquor in mail through state or national lines is NOT legal. There is a variety of punishments for violators. If you send a bottle or two of liquor through mail and get caught, do not expect to see your bottles again. Although you won’t find yourself under criminal prosecution, it is better to be safe and follow the law.

Here are some things to remember regarding how to ship liquor bottles:

  • Find a Licensed Vendor. Since it is illegal to send liquor without a license, you might have to go through licensed liquor vendors. You can go to your local liquor vendor or browse online to find one. Ask if they have shipping arrangements and can guarantee it. Before purchasing or sending liquor (especially online), ask the vendor if they are licensed to do so. It is also a good idea to inquire about their packaging arrangements. The bottles must be packed carefully to avoid them from spilling and breaking. Use a lot of cloth, packaging foam, etc. to wrap up each bottle.
  • Be Sure to Insure it. Shipping companies or vendors, which ship items may have insurance in case of loss or breakage. If possible, insure your purchases. This is important when the liquor you are shipping is expensive. There are hundreds of loss and breakage cases per week and most are uninsured.
  • Ask For Guarantee. Keep your receipts because you might need them when a problem in shipping arises. Make sure that all forms are properly filled up and signatures have been given correctly. Ask for guarantee for a safe and timely arrival of your package. You may also ask for the company’s contingency or provision regarding failure to deliver.
  • Track it. Most major companies that ship have state of the art tracking systems in place. This tracking system allows customers and the company to track a particular item being shipped regarding its status and location. Take note or ask for your package’s tracking number. Ask the vendor how to use the tracking system. Most shipping companies have online sites, which allow the shipper to input the tracking number and immediately get information about their package.
  • Pay Duty Fees or Taxes. Expect to pay some duty fees or taxes regarding the liquor bottles you sent. Duty fees and taxes will be charged depending on the place of origin and destination of the package, the number of bottles or weight and the value of the liquor. Be careful when declaring items, you do not want it to be charged the wrong amount.

Better be safe than sorry—shipping liquor bottles is best left to a liquor vendor or a shipping company. Loss of the liquor or persecution of the law might be the consequence of not doing so. A fee is a lesser price to pay for a safe and legal arrival of your liquor to its destination.


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