How To Ship Packages via FedEx

A logistics services company like FedEx is in a great position to handle your package shipping needs. The company is the second largest civilian air fleet in the world. Combined with its many subsidiaries, FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground, FedEx Office, etc. it provides a wide variety of shipping services. FedEx first introduced the overnight delivery system and the same-day delivery. This article will guide you on how to ship packages via FedEx.

  1. Locate the Local FedEx. Go online and search or ask your telephone operator for the contact details of the nearest FedEx branch in your area. If online, remember the address–if there are more than one branch near your area, select one that is more convenient. Visit the local FedEx branch for more details.
  2. Work The Paperwork. Ask for all details regarding your shipping needs. Find out information you would like to know. The clerk will be more than helpful in answering any queries. Ask for the delivery schedule and shipping fees. Inquire also about insurance coverage if your package is valuable.
  3. Send Off. Drop off your package in any FedEx drop box. You may have the clerk assist you if the package is large or is breakable.
  4. FedEx also offers pickup service of shipment. You can ask for this service by contacting the nearest FedEx branch. You will be connected to the branch nearest your location. Though convenient, FedEx charges for this pickup service.
  5. FedEx Number. FedEx uses an advance tracking system. Used in tracking a package or batches of packages. A sender uses his tracking number to keep track of the progress of his package. An online tracking platform is used by both FedEx and its customers. This platform is used by inputting the tracking number in the field boxes, and the location and status of the package will appear.
  6. The Signature. Normally, a signature is asked when delivery is made. A receiving person or office will have to sign a document to prove that the package arrived at its destination in a good condition. However, some delivery arrangements may not require any signatories. This is usually used by people who know that there are no recipients in the destination.
  7. Delivery Day. Take note of the period of delivery and the delivery date. Make allowance for delays if you are shipping time sensitive materials or perishable goods. Though FedEx normally does not experience delays – it may still happen.
  8. The delivery of documents is usually prompt. Remember to double check that the delivery date corresponds to the time before or on the exact day you need it. FedEx cannot be held responsible for wrong deliveries resulting from mistakes in customer paperwork application.

Shipping packages via FedEx is very easy. The company has developed its system to make convenience a big part of its operation. FedEx customers can rely on a simple shipping structure, which also protects their packages. Following these tips, will help ensure that your package arrives where it’s needed, when it’s needed.


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