How To Start a Background Check Company

A background check or background investigation is a process of checking or looking up criminal, financial and personal records.

Background screening is done in several ways.

  1. Employment checks. The employer requests some data about the job candidate. This is often done for candidates that are applying for a position of trust such as in financial institutions, schools and hospitals. Background checks often include the information from the applicant’s previous work or employer. This can also include medical history such as recent drug tests and health status.
  2. Criminal check. This can also be called a criminal history report. It allows authorities to check the criminal background of a person. It checks if someone has previous cases or if the person ever went to jail. It also evaluates the possible charges or punishment that is appropriate for a person who commits unlawful or criminal acts. One way of checking it is through the national crime information center, which contains the United States central database for criminal records.
  3. Credit history. This is often done if a person wants to apply for a credit card. If a person already has an existing credit card, the credit card company will check if there is no existing balance and if payments are made on time.
  4. Travel. This is for immigration or travel purposes. People who are planning to travel to another country for vacation or immigration purposes need to go through a background investigation. The purpose is to check if the person leaving has any offense in the country. It also checks the person’s travel record.

Some people say that a background check business is a good way to earn money. With that in mind, more and more people are deciding to start their own background check companies. Before building your own background check business, consider some important factors first. These are:

  1. Type of Business. What information or what type of background check business are you planning to put up? Decide if it is for employment, criminal or financial background information.
  2. Search Engine. What search engine will be best for that type of background check? And where will you be able to get that search engine?

To start the business, here are the steps that need to be done:

  1. Trade Name and Business Approval. Buy a trade name in the Secretary of State's Office. This will give you an opportunity to start a business and gain some access to their resources. Another option is to go directly to the courthouse and get a business approval. These steps are the first things that you need to attend to ensure the legality of your business.
  2. Software. Buy background search software or a search engine that allows you to search peoples’ names and information in an instant. In addition to that, preparing a website will also help because possible clients will be able to purchase your services in just a click of a mouse.
  3. Advertise. The marketing or advertising of your company is important so that more people will use your services.

Starting a background check company may require some effort, but is rewarding once you have established one. You not only provide a service to clients, but you also help ensure their safety in their dealings.


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