How To Start a Bed and Breakfast

There are many things to consider when running a B&B bed and breakfast business. The location, the food and the ability of your place to attract guest into your house must be considered. You must build a good business plan to ensure that the business will be successful. Remember that a bed and breakfast business is 24/7 so you are obliged to work overtime. If you want to start this business, perform the following tips in starting a bed and breakfast business.

  • Personality and interest is important in running a bed and breakfast business. Think first whether you like to run this business because it will change your life. This job is 24/7 so be ready to serve guests as they come, day or night. Establishing a friendly atmosphere is very vital to invite customers even if you not like it. Ask some B&B business owners for tips on running this business.
  • Choose a good location for this particular business. The location that you will pick is also the place where you will live. Tourist spots are the most popular location that suits this business because they are common guest that you will accommodate. The locations surrounding must be eye popping to lure those tourist into your house.
  • Ask for an approval from the zoning board. The board has some areas that they prohibit. Contact a contractor with building local codes if you're planning to revive an existing building. Check if the board is restricting a particular type of food. Always obey the zoning board to avoid any problems.
  • Create a business plan. Check out the American Bed and Breakfast Association for details regarding B&B business plan making. Ask some bed and breakfast owners for advice in their profit margin and finance information.
  • Check your house to know how many persons you can serve. If your house can accommodate five persons or more, visit or the American with Disabilities Act for details.
  • Try to be competitive with other bed and breakfast business located near you. Check their prices and their specialty and contest it.
  • Make an advertising plan to promote your business. Use the local newspapers, magazine and other publications that will help you with advertising. Using the internet is also an advantage. Create a website, and join social networks. You should also sign up with local search sites like  This will help you attract customers both locally and from around the globe. Be sure that your bed and breakfast business is listed in B&B directories and guides. Always make a budget and marketing plan for these.
  • Hire employees for your bed and breakfast business. A cook, housecleaner, bartender, waiter, groundskeeper and dishwasher will be a big help for your growing business.
  • Implement house rules and policies on your house. These will usually include rules fro late arrivals, check in and out, canceling, and the like. It is in your hands if you permit pets, smoking and children inside the house.
  • Serve delicious food to the guest. Make the rooms clean, comfortable and encouraging. By doing this, your guest will come back into your house the next time they visit.
  • Team up with other bed and breakfast owners. This includes commerce, bureaus and tourism offices for business awareness. Also join the ABBA a national trade association.



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