How To Start a Business in Pest Control

Whether at a private home or a commercial office, the appearance of insects and other vermin usually means an emergency call to a pest control business. Whether the economy is full speed ahead or in a recessionary slump, the business of eradicating unwelcome pests continues to be an ongoing need that can offer anyone willing to learn the pest control business a steady and lucrative income.

One of the best ways to start a pest control business is to commit a certain amount of time to working at an already-established pest control company to learn the ropes. Putting in the time to get trained in the basics of the pest control business will help you do two things: learn whether or not you actually like the nature of the work involved; and help you obtain the necessary certification, required by most state governments, enabling you to work with and use the range of chemicals required in the eradication of such pests as rats, termites and ants.  Every pest control technician, whether working for an established pest control company or working in his own business, is required by state law to possess a specific license to work in this industry.

If you want to piggyback on the fame and goodwill already established by a successful pest control company, consider buying a pest control franchise rather than starting your own business from scratch. Although the franchise company will support you with training and marketing efforts, realize that you will have to invest a sizeable amount of money to obtain the franchise and to continue paying franchise fees out of the income you earn.

If you want to go the entrepreneurial route and establish your own company, develop a business plan deciding what type of pests you will focus on, whether or not you will do residential or commercial pest control or both, and whether or not you will be a one-man band or hire a team of technicians working under your direction.

Choose a memorable business name, have a phone number which is devoted to business calls, and professional business cards to distribute so people know who you are, what you do and how to contact you for a pest extermination job.

Find a reliable supplier of pest control chemicals and equipment, including sprayers and a truck or van painted with your business name and logo and phone number.

Once you establish your reliability and credibility with customers, most will need you to return at least once every 90 days, especially hospital and food service clients who cannot afford fines or shut-downs due to unexpected pest infestations. Market and advertise your services through local chambers of commerce and business directories and provide prompt, professional service to win new customers and keep satisfied customers signing annual contracts for service.


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