How To Start a Cell Phone Business

Cellphone with money

Tired of working for a salary and want to be your own master? Small and medium businesses have registered phenomenal growth in recent years and there is no dearth of opportunities and avenues for those who are looking to start their own businesses.

One such avenue is opening up a cell phone business, either as a retail outlet, or as an online business. There are pros and cons to both versions, but what is important is that, this is just the kind of business to break into now, given that the global mobile phone industry is growing at a massive and very rapid pace. Listed below are some guidelines on how you can start your own cell phone business.

Step 1

Funding required for a start-up. If you are looking to start with a real-time retail store, the initial investment required is quite large. You'll need to factor in showroom space, cost of utilities, hiring of salespersons, cell phone stock, insurance, etc. On the other hand, if you decide on becoming an on-line retailer, the upfront investment required is quite low - costs for hosting a website, no extra outlays are required for insurance, utilities, employees or inventory.

Step 2

Product range choice. As a franchise retailer, the range of phones that you can provide for consumers will be limited to only a few selected brands. With an online store, however, there is no limit to the brands and companies you can associate with, as an affiliate seller. This includes related accessories and other associate products as well. When you sign up as an affiliate with companies associated in mass market and multi-product online sales (think EBay, etc), it is virtually guaranteed that you will be able to garner immediate new business by providing access to nearly every brand and product available in the market today.

Step 3

How to start an online business. You can look at company websites where mobile phone companies officer online affiliate or franchise sales packages. This, however, will mean visiting individual sites to sign up or register. A more convenient way is to look for companies like EBay and Amazon, which run mass affiliate programs for all kinds of products. A third and extremely profitable option is to enroll with network marketing groups that specialize in cell phone related opportunities, such as connection services, accessories' trading, and of course, cell phones!

Step 4

What you can expect. Most online network marketing programs provide you with all the required training, inventory management, website hosting arrangements and last but not the least, payment processing tie-ups to start your spree of earning with your own business.

What is listed above are the most simple and basic steps required to start up with your own cell phone business. You can delve in more deeply and get more detailed information that can help you in your business education programs are a great way to accomplish this! All said and done, this is not a bad way to make a living at all!


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