How To Start a Clothing Alterations Business

Choosing to start an alterations business requires talent and the ability to keep your clients as regular customers.  It's also critical to know the basics of good business management - you can learn these skills by taking online business courses. However, the most trying stage of business development is the acquisition of those initial clients and building a hefty first-year customer base.

To kick start your alterations business, be sure you have selected a convenient location that is visible from the street. A strip mall type building is excellent for ample customer parking and to be seen by vehicle and foot traffic. When the customer brings his or her garment for alterations, this is a mundane day of errand running, so a shop location that is near other similar services can make for more convenience and one-stop shopping.

An excellent service to be located near is a dry cleaning business. The customer has the garment in hand and may conveniently walk across the parking structure for a last minute alteration. You may also wish to make fast friends with the nearby dry cleaner and co-op some of the advertising. Since your alterations business is the new kid on the block, be generous and offer to cover as much as 90 percent of the advertising which will be split fifty-fifty on the copy page. Your new pal the dry cleaner has been there for years and has built up a trusted following of customers that may easily piggy-back over to your shop.

To attract and divert some of the business from your competitors, be sure to stay current and fully abreast of their advertising techniques. If they offer local newspaper coupons for 15 percent off, step it up to 20 percent with a clip out coupon or window display with the discount offered to everyone. And you may wish to add incentives such as "same day returns" or "delivery service available".

Being the best alterations business is a lifelong goal to strive for; however, being the most visible shop that's wedged in the forefront of the customer's mind is the immediate goal. This is accomplished through advertising impressions to make your shop a household name in the community. It does not come easy or happen overnight, but marketing is a powerful tool to catapult you to the top. This is one area of start up business costs where you should not cut corners. Most new businesses fail the first year of operation, not because they didn't measure up, but rather because no one knew they were there.  You can learn how to put together an outstanding marketing strategy if you take some online courses in promoting your business.


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