How To Start a Computer Tuition Center

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A tuition centre is a service offered by teachers and tutors to those who are struggling or need to learn a new concept. Tuition centers (or tutoring centers) offer smaller class sizes or even one-on-one instruction and are quite attractive to students who struggle in the traditional classroom. For the teacher or the tutor, starting a computer tuition center offers a way to supplement income or even finance school.

Step 1

Secure your finances. Before you can start your computer tuition center, you will need some money to cover start-up costs. If you have some money saved that can go toward this, excellent. But you may need to take out a loan. You'll need money for advertising, building (or room) rental, business registration fees and other miscellaneous supplies. Don't underestimate the cost of starting up a new business - take time to sit down and run the numbers to make sure you can adequately fund your computer tuition center.

Step 2

Find a place to work from. While most modern tuition centers have roots online, a computer tuition center is most successful when you can work hands on with your students. So you will need to find a building or room that is fully equipped with working computers that you can teach on.

Step 3

Decide what you will focus on. There is no way to specialize in every program used on a computer. There are just too many. Decide whether you will focus on teaching basic computing skills, word processing skills and so on, or whether you want to take a specialized approach and offer graphics classes, editing tutoring, and animation. It is possible to offer a variety of computer tuition services at your center, but you will need to have qualified staff to help you with this. Hire the right people who have the expertise you are looking for. Remember, you want your business to have a good name so make sure your teachers and tutors know what they're doing.

Step 4

Register your computer tuition center. The government will need to know about your business venture for tax reasons. Contact them to find out what paperwork is necessary and follow their procedures correctly. Once you have successfully registered your computer tuition center, you are officially a legitimate business.

Step 5

Advertise and gather clients. You will need to let the world know that your new computer tuition center exists. You can do this a few ways. First, consider taking out an ad in your local newspaper. Invite everyone to a free open house and offer incentives like ‘first lesson free' to draw in clients. As well, the online community of computer tuition centers is growing steadily. People are online daily looking for a computer tuition center to help them with their computer needs, so you want to make sure that your business name comes up during these searches. You can join tuition center groups or just post your new business on every site that allows it. Exposure is key to successful advertising, so get your name out there.

Step 6

Get ready to tutor! Once you've placed your advertisements and set up shop, you will begin to get phone calls from interested clients. Take them through the registration procedures (which should commit them for a certain period of time). And then arrange a day to tutor them that works best. For most, this will be an individualized time. But if you offer group classes, you can start registering students for this as well. As soon as you've got your first student registered, give yourself a pat on the back. You've just successfully started your own computer tuition center.

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