How To Start a Cookie Delivery Business

If you are someone who enjoys baking, and appreciates people, a hot cookie delivery service might be a good business for you. To begin, put together a business plan that includes: a description of the concept, start up costs, issues that crop up, profit goals, and finally a menu and pricing.

1. Choose no more than four cookie varieties to start your hot cookie delivery business. That way you can manage the expenses and the time it takes to bake. You can make cookies on your own or you can purchase pre-made dough. If you make your own, use a simple, reliable recipe.  There will be time to expand your offerings later.
2. Start-up costs for a hot cookie delivery service can vary. Figure out whether you need to rent kitchen space or if you'll be able to work at home.  Whether you start your hot cookie delivery service from home or from a rented space, contact your local health inspection office to make sure that you get all the licenses you need.

Supplies will depend on the type of cookie you are making, and whether you already have access to professional equipment like baking trays. You will need to buy a pizza delivery bag to keep your cookies warm.

Another thing to consider is your car; repeated driving may wear it out, and the cost of gas can vary depending on location and traffic.

Finally, you will need to consider the menu and other advertising materials such as brochures, flyers, posters. Keep everything uniform in design and make sure your information is accurate.

3. Location is important. Test how far you can drive with cookies before they cool down. Think about traffic congestion and weather conditions.  Since you are running a hot cookie delivery service, work out the most cost effective and timely combination between deliveries and orders.

4. Look at businesses close to your baking facilities as potential customers. People that might be interested in your service include office workers, college students and real estate agents. When looking for customers, keep in mind your work hours; for example, college students might prefer hot cookies late at night whereas real estate agents might want some cookies to be delivered first thing in the morning, when showing a home.

5. For pricing, think about labor costs, ingredient expenses and transportation costs. There are a number of ways to take orders. You can set up a dedicated phone line or you can have a website where orders are taken and credit cards are processed. Add an order card for repeat customers.



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