How To Start a Corporate Wellness Program

Employers who take stock in their employees' wellness will have a more productive office and set the ambience with a better mood and tone. Workers mean well with going to the gym and stepping up their eating habits, but all too often fatigue and laziness puts them in a rut. By making a few simple changes at work, you will be able to motivate and encourage a healthy, happy staff and make life a lot easier from nine to five.

If you're going to promote better eating habits, then learn to practice what you preach. No more jelly doughnuts at the coffee station! If you are a generous sort and enjoy bringing snacks, be sure they are healthy and will boost people's energy rather than deplete it. An assortment of fresh fruit or a tub of dried figs goes a long way with nutrients and brain foods to kick start the gang on Monday morning.

If you have an extra room in your suite, clear away the junk and set up a few cardio machines. A stair climber or treadmill does not take much space but can be a valuable resource to get a tired and listless worker going again. In addition, try adding a scale to encourage weight loss or host a monthly bonus award for those who have lost the most weight. From early childhood we are conditioned to respond to a reward system, so use the best incentives your corporate budget will allow to cheer your employees to the finish line with a trim body and healthy heart.

In the winter months when flu season begins, you might want to offer free flu shots to willing participants. Check your health care insurance policy for coverage or elect to pay out of pocket. Either way, you come out ahead with less absenteeism and general malaise. A productive office is a happy office, so be creative with your contributions. Some mammogram clinics offer low cost screening from mobile units. This is a nice way to say you care about your female staff. In addition, you may wish to have a guest speaker come in once a month and teach nutrition, vitamin programs or fast and effective exercises.

Only the individual employee can make the decision to apply the wellness campaign, but the more people that jump on the bandwagon, the more will be encouraged to join. Take a leadership position and be the first to discipline yourself, and you'll be amazed at how they follow the leader.  


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