How To Start a Dairy Farm

Are you a fan of dairy products? Do you love animals like cows and horses? Are you aware of the marketing potentials of agriculture? If your answers are yes, then you may start a business pertaining to a dairy farm. If you decide to start a dairy farm business, here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

1.    Buy equipment. You may milk cows or sell dairy products. You can do this if you have your dairy equipment. Your business will surely flourish if you have equipment that you can operate. The main equipment to run a dairy farm are as follows:

  • Hay baler – It is a machine that helps you to produce more bales. These bales will then be given to your cows as feeds. If you have many cows, a hay baler will help you more because it can produce bales for thirty cows each day.
  • Milking machinery – If you want to sell milk, milking machinery will help you do the job faster and easier. Through the use of your milking machinery, you do not have to do the milking by hands, thus producing more milk in a short span of time.
  • Store room – This should be the best spot in the land in which you may store your feeds as well as products. Store rooms could also be used to store plants that you harvested from your farm. If you are using organic fertilizer, a store room is also the best spot to pile up the manure of the cow to be used as fertilizer for your plant. Using organic fertilizer will ensure a good harvest and more profit.
  • Tractor – It is a tool that will help you move your products and other machinery.
  • Combine – This is used to plant feeds for the cow. You may use this equipment to harvest feeds for your cow or to harvest feeds to be sold in the market.

2.    Consider cows. A dairy farm business will not be possible without the cows in the farm. The cows are the hearts of the farm. They are the ones that provide milk to be manufactured as dairy products. In return, these dairy products will be sold to the market and will help you earn more money and higher profit. Aside from the milk that the cows produce, these animals are also responsible for the reproduction of other cows that could be milked or sold in the market again, resulting to more investments. Conversely, your cow property should be dominated by female cows for easy reproduction. Aside from these, you may also breed cows and sell them for higher amounts.

3.    Reflect on feeds supplies. Food is the key for an animal’s survival thus, if you are rearing a cow, you should feed it. Cows eat a variety of plants namely corn as well as grass. The feeds for the cows could be bought from other farmers or could be grown from your own farm. The best way to achieve cheaper feeds is to produce your own cow feeds. If you are growing your own feeds, you may also sell extra feeds to other farms.

Just follow the above mentioned considerations and you will be on your way to your dairy farm.


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