How To Start a Debt Collection Agency

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Starting a business is indeed a difficult task, especially the part where you need to choose what kind of business you want to invest in. Perhaps you are wanting to venture into a debt collection business? You might think it will be the hardest thing. However, it really is not as difficult as you might imagine. On venturing into a debt collection agency, there are actually some requirements for you to attain success. Following simple steps in starting this is easy; however, you need to have the basic knowledge on what the debt collection really is.

Knowing debt collection

A collection agency is a third party organization that creditors hire for them to be able to collect their money from their debtors. With the special use of tactics like sending a letter and making phone calls to debtors, the agency will be given a percentage of how much they have collected as their fees. The harder the debt recovery is, the higher the percentage the agency can get from the creditors. If the collector doesn’t get anything from the debtor, then no fee is gained. However, operating this business doesn't mean that you can do whatever it takes just to get a payment. There are laws that need to be followed within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Starting an agency

Now that you have a basic knowledge of what a debt collection agency is, if you are considering starting one, here are a few tips you may follow:

  • Collection knowledge. Research and study all the federal laws. Establish debt recovery plans that will not be of any conflict with the laws that you have learned. Also, you need to offer credit solutions as well like credit consolidation.
  • Office space. Will you need a commercial space or a room in your house? This actually depends on your preference. Having a home office is fine if you still don’t have a large number of clients or if you are doing it part time. However, if you have ideal capital, a commercial space is the best choice as it is nicer for the agency to be more accessible to clients.
  • Collection software. Again, there are two options. You may start with manual records if you have a smaller number of clients. But as your clientele grows bigger, you may start looking for software that will help you manage your files at ease. Just a tip when you are considering getting a software: you need to analyze and review the program to find out if it will serve the right purpose.
  • Office equipment. Be ready for the necessary things you need to have in your office. A dedicated telephone line is a must as well as a computer. In the long run, you will need fax and copy machines.
  • Client deal. Now that everything is setup, look for clients. There are a lot of ways to find them. You may advertise your agency or create a website or you may find clients advertising their need as well. It is just a matter of good researching.

When everything is set, you may contact the first debtor that needs to pay your client. With all the proper knowledge, every call and every letter you will send will go towards your success in the debt collection business.


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