How To Start a Diaper Cake Business

Starting a diaper cake business is a great new fad taking the world by storm. A diaper cake is made up of three tiers of different size diapers, ribbon and a variety of baby items.

The main thing to remember when starting a diaper cake business is, word of mouth means everything. You must get your name in the community, whether it is with friends and family or customers, and keep your items circulating around for more and more people to see so you can keep your diaper cake business going.

A diaper cake business is an easy at-home business to start, since the items can be bought just about anywhere. Start with your basic diapers and see if you like them; you may find one that you like the best after you get your business going, but for now start you may want to start with less expensive items. The baby items that you need can be bought just about anywhere that sells clothing and other items for infants; just make sure that whatever you use is something a new mother would need. For example, you may choose washcloths, a baby rattle, teething rings, a pacifier, bottles, baby shampoo and wipes. There are so many things needed for a new baby, you can be creative with this diaper cake business.

When starting a diaper cake business, you will want to think of a name that appeals to mothers and grandmothers in general since overall they are the ones buying the diaper cakes. Think of a name that is going to be memorable to them.

Word of mouth advertising is the best type of advertising for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it is free; the second reason is most people will take advice from someone they know. Maybe you can donate a couple of cakes to friends who are having baby showers or attending them -  and that starts the word of mouth advertising for you.

Another option for your diaper cake business is making a website. If you do not have the ability to make one you could find a friend to make one for you and do some trading with a diaper cake; or, you may need to search on the internet to find someone who can make one for you. It is not a hard task to accomplish, but if you are unsure about making one there is plenty of help out there for you.  

Online courses in business are another way that you can ensure your business will be a success - you'll learn all kinds of marketing and management methods that will help you do everything from planning inventory to completing your taxes!


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