How To Start a DVD Rental Business

Owning a DVD rental business can be very lucrative to the person willing to take the risk and start the business.  People love to rent movies because it gives them an opportunity to view a movie at their leisure and in the comfort of their home.

There are a few ways that you can start a DVD rental business, the option you choose will depend on the startup financing you have and the competition in your area.  You have the choice of buying into a franchise or starting your store from scratch.  Either option is going to have substantial startup costs, since you are required to carry many items in stock all at once.  If you do not have a large enough variety of movies to choose from your customers will not return.  New release movies, especially really popular titles, will require you to keep several copies in stock.

If you are considering a franchise, there are several to choose from and a quick search on the internet will provide you with all of the information you need.  Red Box is the hottest franchise out there right now for DVD rentals.  Red Box is a vending-style DVD rental machine that is filled with all of the newest movies on the market, and the rental charge is only one dollar per night.  Movies are updated each Tuesday and there are thousands of these machines located nationwide.

Starting a DVD rental storefront from scratch will take some planning.  You will need to come up with a catchy name that is easily remembered and find a great location.  Your location will need to be near a neighborhood; it should be easily accessible and large enough to keep it well-lit yet still have room for stock.  You will need to arrange the store to flow easily and allow the customers to quickly find titles they want.  You will also need to provide regular and Blue-ray rentals.  For inventory and customer tracking you will need to establish some type of identification system. You will need to issue membership cards so you can track who is renting the movies and a barcode system to allow you to track which movies are rented and to whom. Compare your rates for rentals to other rental companies and try to stay as competitive as possible.

A DVD rental business can be hard to start, since the initial outlay can be high.  Once you are established, your costs to run the business will soon even out and you will begin to make a profit in no time. 


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