How To Start a Golf Club Repair Business

Golf is a wonderful sport. Interest in the game has been consistently rising and the number of clubs steadily increasing. Many consider golf as game for businesspersons. Often, you hear of business deals closed on the golf course. Maybe the probable reasons are that golf is not as strenuous and fast-paced as some popular sports like boxing or basketball.

Interest and passion for the game are essential if you are planning to go into the golf club repair business. After all, you would not go to a swimming instructor for lessons if he has never been into the waters. Playing the sport makes you aware of what happens to the equipment as you use it in the game. It places you in a better position to discuss problems and solutions to your would-be customers.

Here are a few steps to help you start the business:

  1. Find a suitable site. Choosing the right location is the key to the success of your business. Most establishments that offer equipment repair are within or near golf courses. Others are in malls and normally an added service of stores that sell golf equipment.
  2. Research. Ask around. Discuss with golfers problems they encounter with their equipment. Inquire about where they have equipment serviced and at what price.
  3. Hire your helpers. Golf clubs normally teem with knowledgeable people you can take on as professionals in your business. A simple casual interview about the game will let you know the level of expertise they have for the game. Unless you have a big capital, look for people with just enough knowledge and experience to help other players. Do not go for the ones who have competed on tours, they will most probably be costly to hire.
  4. Assemble your equipment. You will need to invest on repair equipment. The best way to find out required equipment is to visit the pro shop. Another is to check out your local telephone directories or the Internet on golf-repair equipment manufacturers.
  5. Determine your service. Do not presume to cater to all types of services in the business. Start out by determining the most common problems and build your services around that. As you grow your business, customers will provide you with new requirements and then you can address additional areas where you want to be in service.
  6. Sell your business. Start marketing the business to your golf friends and build your clients from there. Visit and play on other golf courses in your area. Develop new friends and contacts that might be potential customers for your business. Invest on a low cost Internet website as it makes your business easily accessible to consumers.

The popularity of golf is at an all time high. It is big business to players, equipment manufacturers, service providers and country club. Television and newspapers are instrumental in increasing its' consumers. Therefore, do your business planning carefully. With a little luck, you are on your way to successful business you might not have to consider as work.


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