How To Start a Gun Shop Business

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Starting a gun shop business isn't something done on a whim; this is one industry that is heavily regulated by state, federal and local governmental rules and regulations. The most successful gun shop business owners are those who have extensive personal knowledge and experience using guns and are knowledgeable about the laws regarding gun ownership and usage.  Some individuals learn about guns by working part-time jobs at existing gun stores prior to opening their own facilities. It's extremely important for a gun shop business owner, as well as his or her employees, to be knowledgeable about the different types of guns and their repair; people shop at gun stores not only for the equipment but also for the expertise the store personnel can offer them.

Filing the proper paperwork and following regulations to the letter are key to opening a gun shop business. Contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to get started, and obtain a local business license and any necessary licenses required to sell firearms by the statein which you operate.  Gun shop business owners must continue to be meticulous about filing the proper paperwork for every sale made in order to stay in business and not lose their licenses due to carelessness.

Visit successful gun shop businesses already operating in your area and notice the kinds of inventory they carry and whether they offer special services for gun owners.

The three key sales area for a gun shop business are guns, rifles, and shotguns; these can be nicely supplemented by a gun repair service that will draw even more people into your store. Consider carrying gun publications for sale.  It's important to select a store location that has heavy pedestrian or automobile traffic so you have good visibility for prospective customers.

Check with trade organizations like the National Rifle Association, as well as various gun manufacturers, for any support they can provide in helping you organize and market your new gun shop business.  Read gun publications and familiarize yourself with the most popular models so that you can stock your store with inventory that will readily sell.

Once you are ready to open your doors for business, send advertising flyers to area gun clubs and find out if there are gun and sports shows scheduled for your area where you can sign up as an exhibitor to distribute your business cards and meet prospective customers.

A good way to market your business and attract new customers is to offer weekly free workshops and special promotions where gun enthusiasts can learn more about topics like gun safety and what's new on the market. Other great promotional ideas can be learned through online courses in business marketing.


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