How To Start a Home Business for $20

Anyone with $20 Can Start a Home Business

There is so much misconception online about starting a home business. Many people think that if they purchase the higher ticket items, they will succeed much faster, only to find that they are just that much deeper in debt.

The $20.00 Guide is designed to show you that there are many ways to start earning an extra income without breaking the bank.

The $20.00 Guide

  1. Find a company or affiliate program that is FREE to join that you can market and earn commissions. I have listed 3 programs below to give you an idea of what to look for. The below programs are all FREE to join.
    • Leisure Audio Books provides one of the best and most sought-after products for an audience that is simply too busy to sit still long enough to read, yet still wants to keep up with the latest best-sellers! Great affiliate program. Marketing materials provided.
    • Reliable Contact is an auto-responder company that has a free affiliate program that pays out 40% in residual commissions. Just simply click on the affiliate link. Marketing materials provided.
    • My Power Mall is a completely free program to join. Earn rebates back from shopping. Marketing materials provided.
  2. Advertise your business or affiliate link. The below advertising sites are all under $20.00. These are the best sites that I have found to promote your links on the net using a $20.00 budget.
    • 2TillProfit -- seven fully automated advertising services, and every internet marketing tool you need to make money...
    • Traffic -- targeted traffic delivered right to your website.
    • searchEstate -- great internet advertising providing massive, continuous free advertising.

    The only cost you will be out is for your advertising. The programs themselves are free to join. The advertising sites were chosen for the training and resources they give their members.

  3. Working a home business should be treated the same way as any other job; if not, it will be no more than a hobby.
    • You should have a set time for working your business.
    • Set a realistic timeline. On average, you should give your new business 60-90 days.
    • Be willing to communicate. Communication is key. Be sure to welcome your new members either by phone or email.


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