How To Start a Housekeeping Business

In order to start a housekeeping business you must make sure you are ready to work hard. Housekeeping can involve lifting, moving and hours of scrubbing. If you feel you are ready to start a housekeeping business of your own, then follow a few simple rules.

Make a list of what you will and will not do. For each item on your list, set a price; or, you can base your price on estimated time to complete. This will be a contract between you and your client. Do not do just a little extra, because it will become the norm and you’ll end up doing a lot more work based on the lower pay. This takes away valuable time you can apply to your housekeeping business. Be firm, but gentle.

Get a bond for your housekeeping business and a business license. This will protect you in case of accusations of theft. If you are bonded your client will have more confidence in you and your business. It shows you are willing to take responsibility and you are serious about your housekeeping business.

Interview each client prior to signing any contracts so you can agree on what needs to be completed each session, how often you will clean, and for how much. You will also need to know if someone will be in the home while you are cleaning or if you will be alone. If you decide to take on a new client be sure you are the only one in the home during the cleaning process. If you need an assistant, then contact the client before you enter the home for permission.

Ask about any allergies the client may have regarding cleaning products. Buy your products accordingly or have the client provide their own cleaning products for use. Some surfaces require special cleaning products to avoid scratches, such as glass stove tops. Read all instructions on the cleaning products so you know their proper usage and any associated dangers.

If you notice something wrong in the home when you enter and you are alone, call your client right away. If you enter the home and notice it is now a crime scene, leave the home and call the police. Do not touch anything or become involved in your client's personal life. You do not need a client badly enough to go to prison for them.

To locate clients, post notices on store boards of the towns you would like to work in and place adds in local papers for clients. Always ask for references and check them out. Check the internet or with the local police to find out whether the client is a sexual predator. Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation that can cost you your life.

Once you are satisfied with your clients' references and request for cleaning you can begin work. Do a quality job and ask to be referred to other clients when you are ready to take on more jobs. If you do great work and are honest and dependable, you will have a great housekeeping business for years to come. 


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