How To Start a Local Hauling Business

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Most people are good at accumulating items at their place of business or residence, but when it comes time to move the trash or treasure to another location, they don't have the transportation resources or manpower to make the move. By starting a local hauling business in your neighborhood, you can haul in some extra income either on a part-time or full-time basis. You can charge a flat rate by the item, e.g. $15 for each appliance or couch, or by the hour, with a 2-hour minimum rate per job.

You can decide to specialize in hauling away junk or trash that needs to be disposed of, or specialize in hauling furniture and other large or cumbersome pieces of equipment which need to get from the place of purchase to the purchaser's home or office. You can also specialize in hauling automotive or medical supplies, getting them from a distribution point or warehouse safely to their final destination.

It's important to have a pick-up truck, flatbed van or other large vehicle which is fairly new, and fuel-efficient, to make your pickups and deliveries. You want the vehicle to be large enough to accommodate hauling orders for several orders on the same trip. Although you can start a local hauling business as a solo operator, it's often helpful to have another individual involved for an extra set of arms in carrying the cargo or as a dispatcher accepting orders and scheduling the hauling trips.

Apply for a business license from your local city government and check to see whether there are any zoning restrictions to operating a hauling business in your area. It's smart to incorporate your business, which will give you protection against personal liability lawsuits.  You will also need to inquire about vehicle-for-hire insurance for your vehicle and the material you are hauling. You should also ensure that any employees are bonded, for security purposes.  Check with the state Department of Motor Vehicles to learn whether you need a commercial license to drive a truck for hauling purposes, along with commercial license plates on the vehicle.

Print professional flyers or business cards with your company name, logo and phone number, along with the information that you are bonded and/or insured.  Distribute these at your local chamber of commerce office, as well as at places where people are likely to need your services, such as used appliance stores, thrift stores which sell large furniture items that need hauling, or regularly-scheduled flea markets where customers may purchase large items on impulse and then need hauling assistance to get the items safely home.

If you plan to specialize in hauling away trash, check with your local city government about recycling plants or places where these items can be disposed of properly. Be sure to check whether there are fees involved so you can price your services accordingly.


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