How To Start a Maid Service in 30 Days

Maid services and housekeeping is a booming industry in the United States. It has low start up costs yet the demand for this kind of service is consistently increasing. A maid service business could be launched in just 30 days. The requirements for its launch are highly accessible. With the right staff and adequate equipment, you can launch your own maid service in no time.

Here are some steps on how to start a maid service in 30 days:

  1. Think of a name for your maid service business. Create a catchy and interesting name. This will make you stand out amongst other competing service providers. Have your name registered at the local DBA. You can even print your logo on various business items such as staff uniforms and stickers. Place the stickers on your business items. This will make it look more professional.
  2. Hire adequate staff. Screen your applicants carefully. You want an employee that is honest and reliable. Do background checks. Ask for police clearance and identity certificates. If you are just starting, keep your employees to a minimum. You can just hire additional employees when your business starts booming.
  3. Purchase necessary equipment. If you are starting a small maid service business, then purchase only necessary supplies. Do not forget brooms, mops, vacuum, rags, paper towels, cleaning liquids, dust mops, buckets, dusters and trash bags. Buy cleaning supplies fit for different types of cleaning. Buy supplies for the following materials: marble, concrete, hardwood, Formica, glass, stainless steel, granite, ceramic tile and other surfaces.
  4. Arrange your pricing structure. You can call the maid services in your area and ask them about their prices. Offer your clients a better deal by lowering your prices. You can even amp up your services. Another option is to meet potential clients and ask them what they want from maid services. You could edit your program depending on their suggestions. Make a quote sheet listing. This should include your corresponding charge for specific services.
  5. Make sure that your maid service business is bonded and fully insured. Insurance will be helpful if your staff break an item from your client's home. Bonding will protect you if your client accuses your house cleaner of stealing.
  6. Advertise, advertise, advertise. This is a great way to rein-in clients. You can create a website or create accounts on networking sites. You can even do it the traditional way. Have your services enlisted in the yellow pages. Advertise in your local newspaper. Print business cards and give them out to as many as you can. You can even slip flyers inside homes. Strategize when you market. Put up your flyers and posters on public places. Offer your services to commercial establishments.
  7. Build your network. The first place to start is with friends and relatives. Enlist the help of your loved ones and ask them to help spread the word. Do not forget to contact your friends from church and organizations.

Here are some steps on how to start a maid service in 30 days. Keep in mind to visit your Small Business Association. Research about the requirements for your maid service business. Some states require a business license.


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