How To Start a Meat Market Business

Meat market business

The meat market business is not only for meat lovers. You can venture into this business if you have interests in rearing animals, cooking or slaughtering for meat. In fact, you can even start this business just because you have the eye for business. Putting up a meat market business may require a lot of time and effort, but you can set it up just by following these guidelines.

Here are some steps on how to start a meat market business:

  1. Search for the best meat shop supplies. Look for the best cattle and meat farms. Talk to at least three different suppliers so you can compare quality and prices. Do not forget to look for suppliers of organic meat and processed meat.
  2. Start writing your business plan. List down your short-term and long-term business goals. Estimate the cost for your meat market's operation. To get the bigger picture, you can even check out competitors within the area. Browse through other meat markets, delicatessens, supermarkets and grocery stores. Observe how they operate. Take note of their pricing.
  3. Purchase a generator. You never know when a power outage might occur. Use this only if a black out happens. This way, you do not have to worry about spoiled meat.
  4. Think of your funding options. You can use your own savings. If this is not an option, you can loan from banks and other lending institutions. Credit unions might also be helpful. Another option is to find a silent partner. However, if you want to take full control of your business, this is not the way to go.
  5. Make sure that you get the proper licenses. Ask advice from health departments. Inquire about business permits. Have your business accredited.
  6. Look for an ideal location. It is better to look for a shop that used to be a meat market. This way, facilities such as freezers and refrigeration cases are already in place. If you do not have these facilities, purchase them. Keep in mind to browse through different suppliers and compare prices first. Do not forget to purchase insurance. Be prepared for any devastating meat-related event.
  7. Systematize your meat market. Make sure that the meat cutting areas and preparation areas have a lot of room for movement. You will also need butchering utensils such as professional meat grinders, commercial knives and cleavers and cutting block counters. If your budget permits, purchase a computer for business purposes. Keep your business records in here but always keep a printed copy.

Here are some tips on how to start a meat market business. The most basic kinds of meat that you will sell include pork meat and cow meat. However, as your business expands, you can opt to sell more expensive meats like lamb meat, sheep meat, venison meat, kosher meat and goat meat. Do not be afraid to try new ideas for your business. Try processed meat. More importantly, do not forget to promote your new products to your clients.


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