How To Start a Medical Transport Business

Set of wheelchairs

Starting a medical transport business is the same as starting any company: you have to go into it with as much information as possible.  To learn how to open and manage your own business, consider taking online business courses.

With the elderly population increasing, an often overlooked business opportunity is emerging. Many elderly and disabled people need transportation to get to medical appointments. This business has the potential to create a substantial profit margin. If you research this opportunity you can learn how to start a medical transport business.

The first thing you will need to do is obtain a business permit or license. You should check with your local governing agencies to see if you will need a special operator’s license for your medical transport business.

You will need to purchase vehicles for your new medical transport business. A lot of people are partial to a particular make or model of vehicle. You should make sure that the vehicles you choose are easy to fix, easy to drive, and fuel-efficient. Your vehicles should be equipped with a wheelchair lift. There are two kinds of lifts: a manual lift does not have to be maintained but a hydraulic lift does. A hydraulic lift offers more security for your customers and will help you avoid any job-related injuries.

Make sure your vehicles have decals or lettering displaying your company’s name and telephone number. If you cannot afford a lot of vehicles buy a used vehicle until your medical transport business grows.

Decide how you are going to take reservations and handle dispatching. If you do not have any employees, the only equipment you will need is a cell phone. People can call your cell phone and you will handle the transport. Once you are established you can purchase two way radios or get an answering service to handle your calls.

Once you have your vehicles and communication system set up, it is now time to market your business. Make sure your promotion and advertising is targeted to the right group of people. Visit nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals and therapy centers. Put your name and your business out for the public to see. You can also use social networking or create a website for your new medical transport business. Once you get your first client word of mouth will either from or destroy your business. Make sure your client feels safe and comfortable with your service.

When you have secured your first client you must decide how your client will pay you. Most of your pay will come from private pay, Medicaid or Medicare. If your client is on workers compensation the insurance company will pay for the transport.

Starting a medical transport business can be very profitable. When people are not able to get to their doctors' appointments they will need a reliable transport business they can trust. Establish your medical transport business and provide safe, professional service, and stay competitive through online coursework in business marketing, and you can reach a virtually unlimited income.


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