How To Start a Mineral Water Delivery Business

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Are you looking for a unique type of business? If so, setting up a mineral water station for delivery and refill is perfect for all seasons.  Though owning one needs a lot of time and money, it is still not impossible for you to begin it in your area.

Here are the steps you'll need to follow to start a spring water delivery business: 

  1. Scrutinize the cost of your equipment. Since it is a water delivery business that you want to set up, it is important for you to list all the machines and materials that you need such as delivery vans, bottles, and filtering machines for filtered waters. You can canvass or ask some suppliers for their prices as well as their quality. If it were possible, request a feasibility study, so you will have an idea how much would be the total investment for this kind of livelihood.
  2. Negotiate with the supplier. After reviewing the amount and cost that you will be spending, you can negotiate with the supplier. Before doing this, make sure that you have enough money as capital. Be wise with your arrangements. It is advisable that you ask for discounts and a warranty. Never buy bargain equipment if you want longer investments. Consequently, check the items to make sure that you bought the best one.
  3. Look for a good location. This should be your concern while buying the important equipment. Your place should be near an underground water source such as springs, rivers and artesian wells. 
  4. Contact you supplier for the final agreement. Now, that the location and materials are ready, the next step is to close the bid with your supplier.
  5. Start your construction. If you chose to buy a lot for this business, then you can hire some carpenters to follow the layout for your water station. It takes a month before they can finish building your base. Let your supplier inspect the construction from time to time so that everything will fall perfectly in place.
  6. Inquire for business permit. Fix all the needed papers and certificates to avoid hassles when applying for business authorization. You can check the requirements by going to the nearest government agency, such as the FDA, that is responsible in releasing permits.
  7. Advertise your craft. There are many ways you can promote your water delivery business. You can put a tarpaulin in your delivery van in order for the community to see that your business has started its operation.

These are the simple steps you need to follow if you want to venture out in the mineral water business.  Although it's unlikely that starting your own service and product is not as simple as counting one, two, three, the fulfillment you will get is worth the money you will spend.  You can go even farther in this field if you stay on top of current marketing trends by taking online classes in business.


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