How To Start a Mobile Car Wash Business

The car wash industry has evolved from a simple method of hand wash to a more sophisticated and high-tech use of jet wash machines. Many are wondering how to start their own car wash business. Contrary to what most people think, starting a car wash business involves a lot of planning. The following steps will guide you on how to start a mobile car wash business.

  1. Determine the type of car wash you want to establish. Before you start wondering how to start a car wash business, you must first decide what type of car wash you want to start. There are four types of a car wash business - Self Service Car Wash, Car Wash and Convenience Store Combo, Full Service Car Wash and "Stand Alone" Automatic Car Wash. Each of these types has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Figure out what is suitable to your lifestyle.
  2. Find the perfect location for your business. Just like in any type business, location is very important to make a business successful. In order for your business to work out, you need to locate it in a place where vehicles can easily notice it. Along a busy street can be a good location for this business.
  3. Compose a car wash business plan. Every business needs a business plan, even a small one like a car wash business. Your car wash business plan should include an executive summary of your objective and mission statement, services you want to provide, a company summary, a market analysis summary, strategy and implementation summary, management summary and financial plan. Remember that this step is very important to keep your business organized and systematic. This will be your guide on how to start your business properly.
  4. Research and file necessary papers for the business. Once you have established your business plan, the next step you need to take is to file for a business license for your car wash. Visit your city department and ask what necessary steps you should take to legalize your business. As you wait for your papers to be processed, proceed to the next step.
  5. Make an estimate of all the costs needed to start. It is important that you conduct this step before you make any purchases. Having an estimate on how much you have to spent will give you an idea on how much the starting capital should be. For this kind of business, you will usually spend on electricity, installation of a sewer, soap/wax and chemicals, water, fuel, replacement parts, pit cleaning, insurance, taxes, attendants and waste removal among others.
  6. Purchase the equipment needed for your business. Once you have an estimated cost, it is now time to purchase the equipment for your car wash business. You should base equipment acquisition on the type of car wash business you wish to establish.
  7. Market your car wash business. Once you set up everything, it is time to market your business. There are different ways on how you can do this. You can give out fliers; create a website or business cards. Use a marketing strategy that is cost-efficient and effective.

These are the steps on how to start a car wash business. Once you are done with all the steps mentioned, you can now open your business by taking calls from your potential customers.


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