How To Start a Mobile Locksmith Business

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Starting your own mobile locksmith business is one of the best entrepreneurial opportunities available today. This is a service that is virtually recession proof and is guaranteed to survive even extremely difficult economic times. The statistics say that there will be a residential burglary at least once every 30 seconds in this country. When times are especially bad, this number undoubtedly goes up. People are genuinely concerned for their safety and well-being and they are willing to pay good money for any service which can them feel safer.

The locksmith industry is perfectly poised to take advantage of this opportunity and is especially fertile ground for the budding entrepreneur because a locksmith business can be operated by a single person working on her own. The mobile locksmith is not really any different, except for the fact that you will work out of a van or truck instead of a building.

Unless you already possess basic locksmith skills, your first step in becoming a mobile locksmith is to get some training. Ideally you will want to become certified, which will make you much more credible. When dealing with issues of safety and security you will fare much better if you are knowledgeable and have the certificate to prove it. The Associated Locksmiths of America has good information on its website about locksmithing courses you can take.

Once you have the knowledge, you will need to equip yourself with a vehicle and some equipment. Purchase a vehicle which is both rugged enough to take lots of wear and tear, but that also looks decent and puts a credible face on your business. Have a nice sign painted on the side which advertises your mobile locksmithing business. When it comes to equipment, don't try to cut corners and buy locksmith tools that are of inferior quality. High-quality tools will allow you to accomplish your job quickly and deliver quality service. There are stores which specialize in carrying all kinds of professional locksmith tools.

Wherever you live, there will probably be requirements that you must meet to operate a locksmith business. Most states require a business license and you will often have to take a class. Do your research to determine whether your local area also requires you to be insured, bonded or certified in order to conduct locksmithing acitivities.

No matter how good you are at the business of locksmithing, or how many certificates you have, you won't have enough work if you don't get out and market your services. Word of mouth is helpful, but you should also advertise your locksmith services on your vehicle, business cards, and in any other way in which you come into contact with the public. You can also look for contract work with hardware stores and security firms.

Use these steps to lay the groundwork for your new venture in the mobile locksmith trade and you will be off to a good start. Be on the lookout for ways to gain new knowledge, and let the world know that you offer a quality product.


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