How To Start a Pastry Shop Business

Cakes with toppings

Starting a pastry business requires great culinary skill and boundless ideas for product presentation. It also helps to have great business savvy - you can develop this through online classes in business management.

To be competitive in this market, you will need to hire the best artisans that can work with materials such as fondant and modeling chocolate to create artistic cakes to rival your competition down the block. In addition, the need for mass marketing is essential to build your client base and gain a following of loyal consumers.

Repeat customers are the foundation to a prosperous bakery, so be sure to make use of the local corporations and small businesses in your district. Office parties and worker catering can play a monumental role in sustaining regular profits, so these places should be marketed to aggressively. Try sending post card sized advertisements to commercial establishments, offering discounts and coupons for volume purchases. In addition, you may wish to set up corporate payment accounts to make it easy for them to buy now and pay later at the end of the month.

Not to be overlooked is the local independent buyer who will frequent your shop for birthdays and special occasions. The local buyer will not be willing to travel too far for pastry products, so your area of concentration should be within a 20 minute driving range of the shop. Prices and decorative window displays play an important role in getting them in, so be sure you are offering weekly specials and generous portions of pastry.

To increase sales, try adding some unsweetened pastry to the mix. A small breakfast menu of empanadas or egg-filled pastry can bring in an additional customer base looking for a quick meal before work. Fast food restaurants have seen the value for the extra revenue and made changes to their menu. To modify your pastry shop takes a stove top to make the filling and requires little time, energy or space to magnify the menu. And be sure to serve coffee and juice to make the meal complete.

The pastry shop menu may be enhanced with sugar-free items or specialty works that are found nowhere else in your community. Seasonal fresh fruits applied to tasty tarts can be a gourmet delight not readily found in your area, setting your shop head and shoulders above the rest. The pastry chef must be creative, yet have a sumptuous supply of old-time favorites on hand at all hours of the day. This will take some careful planning to ensure your product is fresh without making a surplus to be wasted. Online courses in business can help you determine how to best plan your inventory. Day-old pastry is cash in the trash, so be sure to recycle what you can and make the appropriate amount of product for the day.


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