How To Start a Pool Cleaning Business

People who own swimming pools love to laze poolside and take those early morning dips. But you can be sure they are not as keen on cleaning the pool, which is why starting a pool cleaning business may serve a definite need in your community.  Before opening any new business, you should probably consider taking at least a few online business management classes; they'll make the entire process much easier for you.

If you live in a warm climate where having a swimming pool is almost a necessity, starting a pool business will make almost every homeowner in the suburbs a potential client.  If you are in reasonably good health, are strong enough to carry the necessary tools and equipment, and enjoy working out of doors even in the heat, starting a pool cleaning business is made to order for you.

Check with your local city bureau of business licenses to see what sort of license you must apply for to operate a pool cleaning business. Most people will only be willing to do business with you if you are licensed.  Check with a business attorney to see if you also need to have a bond or some sort of insurance against being sued by customers in the course of doing your job.

Having the proper business license will also allow you to purchase your cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies at wholesale prices.  You will need a pool skimmer, kits to test the swimming pool water, along with assorted tubs of chemicals that will keep the pool water within the proper alkaline/acid balance. A pickup truck or small van to carry all your supplies will make your job much easier.

Use your computer to generate professional looking business cards, invoice forms showing your business' name and contract forms.  The pool cleaning business is all about repeat business, so once your customers are satisfied with your work, you can sign them up for six month or year-long contracts to clean their pools on a weekly basis.  Working by contract enables you to save time by not having to contstantly ask customers when they would like to see you next, and ensures you a steady income for a set amount of time.  Working on a contract also facilitates getting paid, as you can request payment up to a month in advance or set a time each month to receive payment for that month's services.

Introduce your new pool cleaning service to your local chamber of commerce for referral business. Also check with apartment and condominium complexes; all of these often feature swimming pools as amenities for the residents and can help you secure contract business.  You can learn other promotional strategies by taking online courses in business marketing.


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