Starting a Recycling Business: Make Money Recycling

Start a New Business with Recycling

Recycling cans

You can feel good about starting a recycling business because you will be helping the environment. Recycling has become a prominent issue in recent years.  Many cities require that people separate their garbage into paper, plastic, bottles and aluminum cans.  Some of these items can take many years to decompose at garbage sites.   Hence, it can be a major environmental issue.  Many animals and birds have died from ingesting refuse that has been discarded in lakes or out in the open.

It can be relatively easy to start a recycling business.  You can start with paper; this is probably the most abundant of all recycled products and can be readily sold for cash.  Bottles and cans can also be redeemed for cash.  Here's how to begin:

  • First, you need to print up some flyers and start asking the neighbors to save their used newspapers.  You can create the flyers on your computer and print them at a local print shop.  You can save money by printing in bulk.
  • Make sure you establish a time each week to pick up the papers.  This information should be on the flyer.  It is up to you as to how much you want to earn.  You can cover several streets or employ others to cover several blocks or more, but start small until you learn the business.
  • You will need to find some cheap but sturdy boxes for the neighbors to deposit their papers.  They will be doing this daily, so make it convenient for them.  Label the boxes as well.
  • When you start collecting the paper you will be putting it into your car or truck.  If you are covering a large area, a truck would be your better option.  You may have to periodically take papers back to your house before completing your day's work.  Once you empty the paper into the trunk of your car or truck, you will leave the empty box with the neighbor.  
  • Repeat this process each week.  Larger territories will take longer to cover.  It will be up to you to determine how many houses you can cover each day.
  • Finally, you will take all of your paper to a recycling center and be paid cash in return.  Recycling centers are easy to locate online.  Locate a center that is close to you, but get quotes ahead of time from these firms to determine who pays the most.  
  • Once you've made a few months' worth of rounds, you may want to sign up for some online business courses to learn how to begin promoting your company to a wider audience.


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