How To Start a Sandwich Business

Serving sandwich to customer

Opening any new business is easier when you are armed with the proper knowledge. The decision to open a sandwich shop will take less monetary investment as compared to a full service restaurant, but the key to consistent profits and a steady stream of customers will come from your location. The workspace and public area need not be expansive, but it does need to be stocked with what your customers like. Make the most of your limited space and watch your profits grow.

For the sandwich shop entrepreneur with minimal start-up funds, you best bet is to secure a location in the business district. Sufficient operating space may be had in large office buildings or separated in a business complex. Because the profit margins may be scant, it is not wise to invest in your own free standing property, as taxes and mortgage will eat you out of house and home.

Your prime clientele will be diners in the afternoon, but be sure to expand your menu to accommodate breakfast. And the sandwich shop must be up and running at least by 6 o'clock to capture the market of early birds to the office. There are many opportunities to rent an inside food and beverage space, but be aware that not all spaces are regulated to operate a stove. However, this is no problem to the savvy sandwich shop that fills the display case with a build-your-own sandwich selections of tuna, crab meat and cold cuts. In addition, you may add fruit compotes and whole pieces of fruit to bolster sales and give your customers some variety.

Although most of your customers will arrive at noon, you may still prepare a quality breakfast without violating  cooking policies. Counter top appliances and microwave ovens are permissible and handy to whip up a hot meal in the morning. Whether your customers are loyal to the breakfast club or one of the lunch bunch, be sure to have plenty of product to keep them coming on a regular basis.

In addition to sandwich sales, there are many support products that not only increase your revenue, but will draw a crowd. Try to have several flavors of fresh brew on hand all day and lots of snatch and grab items such as crisps, muffins and pre-packaged bakery. You may also wish to invest in a commercial grade glass fronted fridge to stock a variety of soda, juices and energy drinks.

Operating a sandwich shop can be done with a skeletal crew and minimal employee pay outs. A prosperous work day in an industrial area would be dawn to 3pm, as your customers will go home for dinner. You need not worry about hiring prep cooks and costly cleaning crews, as the sandwich shop has no grill to scour or heavy labor to set up.  Open on time, provide a diverse menu and always remember your customer's names. A part-time sandwich shop can bring a tidy profit once you have established yourself in the community.

You won't make a fortune running a humble sandwich shop, but it's a great outlet to display your hospitality and make new friends. Your little shop would be greatly missed if it suddenly went poof, so hold your head high and be the best little sandwich shop on the block. By putting your customers first, you will have a loyal following for life. Some online business courses in between those busy lunch hours can help you keep your shop on track.


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